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08/15/16 | 22:27PM

3 years this December I went to Verizon with questions on a phone I have. My phone is on a family plan. I asked about the hot box for my own private use,but wasn't completely sold and my credit isn't great either. As it turns out I am able to have my own account but still not sure on the hot box. The store (not know I g it was a dealer store) my family is on the original Verizon .This store didn't have an actual hot box in stock so I said I would think about it and come back after the holidays to explore this option.Said good bye . 2 weeks later I get a bill for a hot box and service.I called and told t would be taken care of. This have gone on for 3 years. I am being sued and its been sent to a collections agency that keeps telling me to just pay half and it will be dropped. Pay half... Really? I even told them to look up the " Activated number" to see if any usage has been used and it came back with zero. Not one minute . I asked for them to show my signature on this ghost contract and they told me to talk with my attorney. Verizon can no longer ta!k with me because its been sent to collections and I continue to get threats.so angry that I'm having to prove I'm the victim some kid wanting to make holiday bonus is what think.. Verizon you're a horrible company for customer service.Horrible.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DE28C8

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01/06/17 | 16:57PM
My experience working there is their systems encourage this type of behavior. I saw people incentivized to commit fraud in Business to Business channel for wireless phones. Sell or you don\'t keep your job. They were not prosecuted. It is similar to the Wells Fargo fake accounts problem that came to light recently.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 86D52C

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