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05/29/09 | 3:05AM
Am beginning to truly hate Verizon (Wireless)-hope you will accept a complaint about that part of the company!

Aloha, Today is May 28, 2009. My husband works for a well-known home improvement company that gives its employees a 25% discount from Verizon Wireless. When we joined Verizon after leaving TMobile (their service sucks here on the Big Island of Hawai'i), we filled out the appropriate form and 'faxed' it to Verizon. We had to fight like crazy to get that 25% discount, faxing the form over and over again until my husband blew his stack (after his heart attack) at the company and they finally gave us the discount and retroacted it back to when we joined. Then, this year we upgraded our phones. I picked a BlackBerry Pearl so that I could get away from carrying two devices, a phone and PDA. Verizon guaranteed that it was a new phone. It wasn't. How can I be so sure? Because the phone could not get connected to the internet. After spending time with VW tech support, they had to transfer me to BlackBerry. It took me two (2) hours of constant troubleshooting with BlackBerry to find and delete all the locks that had been put inside the device. They told me that there was no way that the phone could be new. BlackBerry does not sell phones with locks to prevent users from going online and they typically see this problem after a phone is returned from a company that supplies phones to their employees but place these locks inside the software to prevent employees from unauthorized internet access use/time charges. So Verizon Wireless thought I would not know this. They sold me a used phone. Since I spent those two hours unlocking the stupid phone, it continues to freeze up, I have to take out the battery, reboot the silly thing, then it un-freezes, only to disconnect itself from accessing the cell phone towers..... I could not figure out why I couldn't make or receive calls.... That's when I check out the bars/connection status and see it has disconnected itself. I called Verizon Wireless today. They said they could send me a used device this Monday. They will not credit my account for calls missed, or not having access to the cell phone service, or having to reboot the bloody phone, or for the continuous frustration I am experiencing. So, count me as another hater of Verizon Wireless. Signed: EruptingAngerLikeKilaueaVolcano in Kona, Hawai'i

- Verizon H8er ID: F024FF

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