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08/13/06 | 16:21PM

I had a phone that was not working properly in June of 2005. Before I could get it in to Verizon, I accidently dropped it in the mud at work. Since it was scratched and dirty, I assumed I would have a problem returning it, so I decided to buy a new phone. I talked to the salesmen at the Verizon store on Butterfield rd. in Lombard IL. They made me an offer wherein I could add a line to a new phone. I gave the scratched phone to my mom, and bought a new Motorola. When I got it home and tried to charge the battery, it didn't work, so Verizon gave me a new phone. Over the year I wound up returning 3-4 phones. Each time they would give me a refurbished phone. When I tokk it back for the 3rd time, I told the technician I wanted a brand new phone, in the box. He said I would have to talk to customer service. I'm not sure how many times I tried to get Verizon to straighten out this mess. I was told it was there policy to replace non working phones with refurbished ones. I decided to! end my service with Verizon and sign up with Cingular. When I talked to a service rep at Verizon, she told me the early termination fee would cost me $350, $175 for each line, so I just dropped my second line and decided to wait till my contract ended in 2007 to switch to Cingular. Around March of 2006 the most recent refurbished phone would not charge, so for the 4th or 5th time I went to Verizon and again asked to get a brand new phone. They insisted on giving me another refurbished phone. I talked to customer service and they told my that in 15 days I would be eligible to update my phone under the aggrement. I said the phone I have now does not work, could I upgrade early? They said no. After getting different statements from different employees, I finally talked to a rep that told me I could upgrade early because of the problems I was having. She also told me that after the 2nd or 3rd refurbished phone I had to return, they should have given me a brand new one. I had to have a working phone, so I went to the store in Lombard and got a new Motorola Razr. What I didn't know was that because I was upgrading early, it cost me a $50 more, and that I was signed up for a 2 year agreement instead of the 1 year I requested. I had a hard time getting a good signal with the new phone, so under there policy of a 15 day free trial, I swapped the phone for the newer version hoping that would solve the problem. The new phone worked good untill I tried to use it at work. I had no signal, so I brought the old phone I had, held them side by side and compared the signal strength. The old phone had 4 bars and the new one had none. I tried to return the phone and get a different brand, but the technician told me I could not return it without the box it came in. I had mistakenly thrown the box away because I planned on keeping the phone.. I had a brand new phone which I assumed would perform better then my old one. Instead I was stuck with a phone I could not use where I needed it the most, therefore I switched to Cingular. I refuse to pay any early termination fee, or pay for the time I could not use the phone.

- Verizon H8er ID: 1CDB06

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