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06/01/09 | 14:46PM
Worst cable provider ever

December 2008, Verizon finally gave me an offer I couldn't refuse to switch from comcast and sign up for FIOS. Well they stood me up for the initial install, no call, no email, just didn't show. I lost an 11 hour shift's worth of PTO to be home for them that day.
I decided to cancel, so they waived the install fee and took $10/mo off to get me to reschedule the install, which I foolishly did. They showed up on time for the second install appointment, and the tech ran all cabling along outside of house, drilling holes straight through my real wood siding and insulated walls to run the cable to interior wall jacks. He said it was too much of a liability to do an in-wall install because of fishing wires. This is a joke! All you have to do is lockout the power coming into the house! In comparison, Brinks came out and installed a full-blown alarm system for free, all hidden/in-wall installation, very professional job by the way, and it was a much more involved install, too. Verizon charges for their install, and they do such a terrible job it is just criminal. I considered canceling the whole thing when I saw how this inexperienced young man was planning to install the system.
Instead I let it happen, and planned to re-wire everything this summer myself. Well three days ago, our exterior unit died, and yesterday a technician was dispatched after a long phone call to come fix it, expected to arrive before 2pm. I requested a phone call 30 minutes before he would arrive as I was out and about (it was a beautiful Sunday yesterday and I didn't want to sit at home all day waiting). At 8am I got a text message saying the technician was dispatched. I decided to call at noon and check the status. They told me he would arrive between 2 and 4 now, and I again requested for a phone call 30 minutes ahead and they said ok and took my cell number again.
At 4:45pm I called again, asking what was going on. They said it looked like no one was ever dispatched to my address, and they would have to send someone out again tomorrow. They proceeded to apologize and state that they understand how distressing it can be to be without service! I am not nearly as concerned with not having phone or internet as I am with wasting so much time on the phone and waiting for a tech with no recourse, no compensation, and no professionalism from Verizon.
I will be canceling my service today, with or without the early termination fee, I don't care. In several years with Comcast I have never had such an experience, and with Verizon, twice in 6 months. They have not earned my business or money. I will also be reporting them the the Better Business Bureau regarding their aweful customer service and installation practices, unless they will waive the early disconnect fee.
Steer clear from FIOS and Verizon if you can. They have terrible support, the service is comparable at best to Comcast, and they cost more! I really hope they over-expand and go bankrupt. I am switching back to T-Mobile for cell service, too. @%#$ Verizon!

- Verizon H8er ID: B6E189

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