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06/04/09 | 2:09AM
Verizon is TERRIBLE!!!

I signed up for the verizon bundle last november and have had nothing but problems with them. At first we weren't getting two channels-Discover health and MSNBC. I called numerous time about this over the next few months, and even though they would reset the boxes, and even replaced the outside box, it was never fixed. I finally got very adamant with them that this has to get resolved in about February on 2009 and they came out once again and replaced the outside box and that did the trick. But even so, there are always issues with them. My remotes have an giant lag in response, service gets cut out-to which I was told "these things happen", and now it seems that fearnet isn't being updated. Every time I call i get a run around. They try resetting the boxes and then say that they will have to send someone out. I used the online chat help to figure out why the verizon version of fearnet wasn't getting updated while the comcast version is, and the guy told me that comcast doesn't carry fearnet anymore and that he didn't think that verizon ever did. This was after he conferred with his colleagues, because he had no idea what fearnet was. Its complete and utter **bleep**. You can never get any help. The cable service and customer service are a waste of time. I advise anyone reading this who is considering verizon to immediatley close the page and go to comcast!!

- Verizon H8er ID: C4A105

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06/09/09 | 12:11PM
ya switch to comcast where u get 41 high-def channels instead of getting 103 from verizon,,,lol

- Verizon H8er ID: 9F20E7

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