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06/09/09 | 1:11AM
so help me god...

I got verizon back in 07 as a cell phone provider. The samsung gleam, it was fine at first, the phone is alright, a typical flip phone. The only reason I got verizon was because they advertised that plan where I could text and call all my friends for a great deal, leading me to believe that I couldnt do that with other services.

I realize now that any service lets you do that, and I got screwed. The rest of my family has sprint with almost no complaints, there bills are low, and their calls come through. today, I missed 3 calls from my Marine recruiter because I have no service, and some text messages just came in from some various friends asking me if I wanted to get lunch, AT 9:00 PM!!!!! My blood is literally boiling and I am going to tear apart their representative tomorrow when I storm into their offices.

- Verizon H8er ID: 91BAEC

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06/09/09 | 12:09PM
any service can do it and you got screwed???? how did verizon screw you ?? are they suppose to learn about and quote other companies policies??? no , you,, the consumer are responsible for doing your homework ,,, you know,, shop and compair.
and p.s. your interested in being a marine??? in other words you could end up in a foriegn country where people have children that die because they dont have food and water ,,, and your blood is boiling??? and your gonna tear apart the rep that sold you the phone??? did the rep build the network verizon uses??? no he didnt, hes just trying to go to work and pay his bills,,, your pathetic

- Verizon H8er ID: 9465F9

06/17/09 | 2:44AM
so you got yoru phone in 2007 and just now you are having an issue with the service. what a whiner.

- Verizon H8er ID: 7647FE

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