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06/29/09 | 15:37PM
suggestion for how to handle verizon

the ceo was just on charlie rose show saying how he plans on being the biggest and best. well, my problems go way beyond anything on any sites here. i just sent a letter to the ceo and i forwarded that to charlie rose at charlierose@pbs.org

i would suggest everyone here send a copy of thier letter to charlie askine him to have this ceo back and answer all these problems. there is enough on this site to bring verizon down if we can get it on the air and if enough people will write it can be done. tv shows and papers are out to make money by their ratings. this would be a very good rating. if anyone wants to know more about my letter you can contact me at glsw1111@yahoo.com. this would be way better than a class action law suit.

- Verizon H8er ID: B534AC

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06/30/09 | 23:38PM
wow, hmmmm your a thinker. that sounds like a plan man. you should definitley do that!

- Verizon H8er ID: 2EF0BF

07/01/09 | 12:29PM
it would work but we need everyone to do it. almost any tv show would work if we could get them to do it. producers want a show the public would watch and i am sure a show like this could hit number 1.....lol. it would also be a bonus for us if they would have ivan hooked up to a polygraph test while he answers. i hope this does not sound like i hate verzion.....LOL

- Verizon H8er ID: B534AC

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