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07/02/09 | 1:49AM
Double-charged, but "it will take 6-8 weeks to cut me a refund check"

I paid my Verizon phone bill and Interet via a check. Without warning Verizon cut my service, before the check arrived. I contacted customer service and was told I could pay immediately to have my service restored. When I inquired about my check, the lady said "you'll need to contact your bank to put a stop payment". I did pay immeidately and did call my bank to put a stop payment on check. To my surprise I get a note from my bank saying Verizon had run an electronic charge through for my bill amount...the bill I just paid! As it turns out, Verizon converts all checks to "electronic transfers" and draws the money out electronically. The result is that the "stop payment" was worthless, since the check never got submitted to the bank. The end result was $114.00 credit left at Verizon + $10 stop payment charge + $26.00 fees for other checks that couldn't clear due to Verizons charges.

I contacted customer support and "Mike" answered. When I explained the situation he said "the only option we have is to request a refund and it will take 6-8 weeks for a check to arrive. 6-8 weeks...... Are you kidding? What are they carving it with chisel and stone? What irks me is that Verizon is getting a two month interest-free loan of mine and other customers money before having to pay it back. It's stealing plan and simple.

If you are going to pay your bill, do it electronically and only let them run it through once. I hate Verizon and it's crappy customer service and products. First chance I've got I'm changing to Comcast and getting rid of the crap called "Verizon".

- Verizon H8er ID: 80F6C4

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07/02/09 | 18:37PM
Thats why i stay away from verizon. Too much crap to deal with.

- Verizon H8er ID: 8A18C5

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