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07/03/09 | 18:14PM
Can't get a supervisor - why can't VZN change?

Upgrading my FIOS service from standard box to an HD cable card.
They can't send the cards out. The "system" won't let them enter an order without a dispatch.
Placed the dispatch order for 8-12 on 7/3/09.

12:05pm on 7/3/09 - No tech. Called VZN.
Responded to automated voice prompts with all my info and sat on hold for 15 mins.

12:20pm spoke with person. They couldn't find my record because I don't have land line service, just Internet and TV. Still couldn't find it after giving house address. Finally found it with account number from the bill. Then she replied "I can't help you. You will have to speak to my colleague" and transferred me.

12:25pm - Colleague came on. Had no information on the purpose of the call. Went through the story again. She said she couldn't help me and transferred me to FIOS installation.

12:34pm - Spoke to a gentlemen. He couldn't find my account. Went through the process again and asked to speak to a supervisor. He laughed and hung up on me.

12:35pm - Call main 800 number again and sat on hold.

12:50pm - Spoke to another gentlemen after giving all my info and story again and asked for a Sr. Supervisor. I asked that my number be put in my record so that they could find it in the future. He said, no problem I’ll do that. He said “I apologize”. I was put on hold.

1:00pm - transferred to Jessica who said the order was put in the system for an 8am-5pm dispatch and she was trying to figure out where the tech was. Put on hold. She came back to say she couldn't find anyone who could give her a status. I ask to talk to a supervisor. Put on hold.

1:10pm - Spoke to supervisor. Told him my story. He said “I apologize”. He said the dispatch was for 8am-5pm and couldn't figure out when the tech would be here. But he did take my number so the tech could call me. I said I need some credits. He said I would have to talk to billing department. I asked him not to put me on hold, but get me someone who could give me credits. He put me on hold.

1:14pm- Billing department person answered. Had to give my information and story again. She said “I apologize”. She said the dispatch was set up for 8am-5pm and couldn't give me any credits. I asked for a supervisor. She put me on hold. After 5 mins, she came back to say that she couldn't get a supervisor and ask what number could be used for a supervisor to call me back. I said "the same number I just gave you". She repeated the number. I said that is correct. She said a supervisor will call you back in the next 48 hours. She then said that will be sometime Tuesday.

2:04pm – Tech called and said she would be here around 4pm. She said she was having a hard time finding my call back number. I told her my story. She said “I apologize”. The tech was actually very nice. She was surprised when I told her that I was being charged $80 for her visit. I hope she shows up at 4pm.

When I placed the order, VZN said a tech would be out from 8am-12pm. Someone put the dispatch in wrong. Not a single person I spoke with was willing to fix the issue or credit me for the inconvenience. They kept saying "the system won't let me...", "the system says...". It appears "the system" is running VZN, not the people. They kept saying "I apologize sir".
The phrase "I apologize" has become synonymous with "It is your problem, we are a monopoly, if you don't like it, too bad; pay your bill anyway".
What can we the people do to stop this? The only other game in town is Comcast who is just as bad.

- Verizon H8er ID: 419915

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07/03/09 | 18:36PM
i know exacetly what you are going thru. i have been fighting this for weeks now. they have the wiring done and the boxes in and can't turn any thing on because there is no order number. trust me, it does not get better. i can't even get any one to come out and get the boxes and wiring out of here because "there is no order". my whole apartment is mesed up because of it, i can't get to bed or even in my bedroom and no one will do any thing. it will only get worse. you can try e-mailing stacey at Joseph, Stacey S.
E-mail Address(es):

she handles all of ivan's e-mails and phone calls. she also lies as all of them do. but your situation is so similar to mine she might do something. verizon is impossible to deal with.......IMPOSSIBLE. i just started writing on here a few days ago and my posts are all near the top. i am in the same situation you are and there is no help out there.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0E7678

07/03/09 | 19:09PM
We finally gave up on FIOS and got Cox because Verizon couldn't be bothered to keep their appointments or let us know when they changed. The tech was supposed to install FIOS between 8 and 12 on 15 June. Total no-show all day, Verizon couldn't explain why, and this was after MASSIVE issues getting the appointment scheduled at all (the week before I'd spent 6+ hours on the phone with them trying to iron out account issues), so my husband and I canceled our Verizon services and got Cox. ONE WEEK LATER a FIOS tech shows up to install services. I very nearly chased him off by whacking him over the head with a broom.

- Verizon H8er ID: 766D2F

07/03/09 | 20:40PM
Verizon is their own worst enemy. I went thru the same thing and most people on here have. I really don't know if they are stupid, don't care, or what it is. I can't imagine running a business like they do. I have read just about every case on here and they are all the same. I would never have believed these things i read if i was not in the same situation right now. At least some people have other options. Verizon is the only game in town for just a regular phone. We are lucky to have comcast for the internet and tv. They do not have the channels that verizon does but after dealing with verizon, they can keep what they have.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0E7678

07/04/09 | 21:06PM
verizon is a gross,unethical,and greedy company who does not care about the customer. you are a fool if you keep them....believe me

- Verizon H8er ID: 235728

07/05/09 | 0:52AM
Tech showed up at 4:48pm for the 8am-5pm window.
Turns out that the techs don't like to install cable cards. Found out that my request sat in queue all day until the tech that visited me picked up the order. The tech was great, but also frustrated with internal support. After the tech left, was missing numerous HD channels. The techs on the phone (who besides the onsite tech) was the nicest person I spoke with all day. He was calling in favors from buddies at VZN. That guy needed to be the VP of Customer service at VZN.
As we were troubleshooting the channel issues the tech had 4 or 5 VZN techs he was working with. They all said they have never seen this issue before. He said thought there was a wiring issue at the central office. He said he would call me back later in the evening. He never called.
However, the tech that visited did call the next morning. I was out for the day and didn't get the message until the evening today.
I called back on the personal number the visiting tech gave me. We worked through a couple of issues on the phone. Turns out, I have 2 M-cards. Only one is needed and the wrong one was programmed for primary by the central office. Switching the cards and pulling one out did the trick. All HD channels are there now.
I still want $$$ for my time. Let's see if the sup calls back on Tuesday.

- Verizon H8er ID: 419915

07/05/09 | 0:56AM
Comcast is no better. Everytime they came out to "fix" the signaling problems, they would cut VZN's line. Of course, VZN would come out to fix their line and cut Comcast's. It was quite commical for a time.
Turns out that neither company registers their lines with Miss Utility as it is less expensive to troubleshoot an issue than register.
I can certainly say that Comcast's customer service is no better than VZN. However, VZN has a better product. I don't have half the outages I did w/ Comcast.

- Verizon H8er ID: 419915

07/06/09 | 16:59PM
So I returned the old box and the extra cable cards to the VZN store (20 miles away).
The clerk at the store pulled up my account and took off the box and ..... The only working cable card. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!
She is now trying to get someone at vzn to cancel the cancellation order.
So the tech on the phone that the clerk called said she had to put in a ticket. She said how do I do this. The tech said I don't know either let me have you speak to the person I have on the other line.
Just learned that the clerk is the District store manager.
The person on the phone is arguing with the manager.
We are now on hold.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0503F0

07/06/09 | 18:31PM
had to leave the district sales manager as she was still on hold. About an hour and a half later, I got a call from the district sales manager who said that I would probably lose service because it takes seconds to execute the order, but could be up to 48hours to reverse it.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0503F0

07/09/09 | 15:37PM
Got home and everything was working fine. Of course, the supervisor that was supposed to call on Tuesday never called.
Then, Thursday morning, several channels are missing from the line-up. I receive some channels, but many that I did last evening are now a blank screen.
So I though I would try chat this time. I got to the support site; fill out all the information to start a chat session, and received the following message (mind you that it is 11:30amEST):

" We are sorry that Verizon Live Chat is not available, and apologize for the inconvenience

To close this window, select the Exit button below. "

I guess I will spend my lunch on hold....

- Verizon H8er ID: 5B1902

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