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08/17/16 | 21:55PM
Phone was hacked, I paid and paid and paid...

Someone hacked my cell phone number and stayed up for 3 days gaming using my account. (I'm 53, female, and don't know how to use half the apps on my phone, let alone gaming). Verizon charged me $390. over my usual $65 phone bill. And, becuase the gaming went into the next pay period, $120 over next months bill.
I disputed the charges (of $543.78) by certified letter to the "proper" "customer care team".
Got no response from them. Didn't pay the bill and they eventually turned off my phone. Knowing I had lost and they won, I had them turn it back on until I could get on with my husband's plan. I got an account with At&t and broke up with Verizon - by paying them a total of 543.78 + 280 = $823.78.
But wait - not so fast! they then billed me! again! a month after my phone has been disconnected and my account CLOSED and "paid in full". This time it was for $52.35 "sur charges and reactivation fee" because they turned my phone back on after THEY disconnected it!
I just told them I wasn't paying it - but who am I kidding? They will take me to collections and ruin my credit for $52.35. They will win. They do win. Always win. Every time, with every one. They are another big corporation running - and ruining - the country.
So sure, I'll pay them. again. They may even bill me again, who knows. They love me. I can't get rid of them no matter how much money I throw at them.
They are Lucifer.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7672C2

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03/30/19 | 7:07AM
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GeorgeWHemy - Verizon H8er ID: F3CC6F

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