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07/08/09 | 3:43AM
Saying "I agree" is only the beginning...

Long story short, after YEARS of dealing with Verizon's nonsense and bullshit and indescribable run-around techniques used to get customers off the phones, I am done. I know, it's taken a long time, but seriously, I guess I'm just a person who believes in giving a company a second chance, maybe even a third. But, when you charge me for text messages on my husband's phone, when he's never been charged for them before, and claim he's NEVER had an unlimited text plan, even though I can produce about 30 bills that say he DOES have that plan, and HAS had that plan since we were married in 2006, and you STILL REFUSE to credit my account back the 180 dollars, and REFUSE to let me speak to a manager...well. I'm rip-roaring pissed. To say the least. Also, this is not the first time this "mistake" has happend, along with a plethera of other crap intermixed with ridiculous excuses and emotionless apologies. I guess I shouldn't expect more from a company that STILL has my husband's name wrong on the bill (a totally different man, whom I am not married to, I don't know where the name came from), despite the fact that every time I have to call, I ask for the name to be changed and am reassured that THIS time, it will happen. Verizon, you are a bunch of brainless monkeys.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0FDBC7

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