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07/14/09 | 3:21AM
There are no words to describe how much I hate verizon

Well, my husband and I had been talking about getting internet and cable, when a few days later a verizon customer service rep came to our door. I signed up for just internet and fios tv, no phone service.
- Two weeks later someone calls to set up an installation date.
- They didnt show up the day they should have, no phone call, no explanation. So I called them to see what was up, "there must have been some kind of communications error, they should have called you. Im sorry".
- They do finally show up two days later. (On Feb. 14)
- When they get there they finalize the order on the computer from their van for and order with phone, internet, and fios tv without confirming the order first.
- The tech says "Oh, sorry. Youre going to have to call and cancel the phone service. There is nothing I can do about it now".
- So I call to cancel the phone line, and the operator says, "Oh, Im sorry, let me take $10 off of your next three bills for the inconvienience".
- A few weeks later I get a bill in the mail, for phone service only.
- So I call to talk to another incompetent operator (seems to be the only kind they hire).
- They are very confused, how could this happen? They tell me not to worry about the phone bill, and they will send me a correct bill immediatly.
- I never recieve a bill and my service is shut off. So I call again to see whats wrong, because I have not recieved a bill. And they tell me that I owe them $295, for set up and installation plus the first months bill, etc.
- So I feel completely irriated, but I pay because my loving husband wants tv. I never recieved a bill, so I still dont know my account number. I pay through the operator, who cant give my account number over the phone. (but they can take my money)
- another month goes by and still no bill, I call again. This time I talk to someone who feels sorry for me and gives me my account number so I can pay by phone.
- another month goes by still no bill....
- I call again to inquire about my bill, and the person tells me that they cant verify who I am because the contact number I gave isnt the one they have on file. (a number Ive never had)
- Another month goes by...
- I pay by phone, guessing how much I owe because I desperatly dont want to talk to another idiot.
- I get a automated message from verizon, because my bill is over due.
- I call again, this time the person tells me that for some reason my bills are being sent to florida, at an address that I never lived. (I live in Tx).
- Another month goes by, I call again, "they are sending my bills to the correct address now, it must be the post office"
- Its july 10 I finally get a bill.
- I want to never talk to another verizon bastard ever again.

- Verizon H8er ID: 131644

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