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07/14/09 | 23:26PM
Endless Misc.. bills..

I hate and wish nothing but the worse to that F*ing company.. They constantly keep sending me misc. bills for stuff that's never been accurate since day one... I cancelled the service and still a year later keep billing me for stuff.. and whats worse they just send it to collection those bastards.. and of course it's up to me to chase everyone at the collections then get forwarde to call the Cust. Service at Verizon (boy that's just conforting) and then speak to useless reps... and after I battle one bill.. rest asure I'll get another bill a few months later. As of now I've dealt with the following:
- Early disconection Cell phone bill.. Totaly innacurate my contract was over when I switched providers.
- Disconnection fees for FIOS.. boy what a huge mistake. And there FIOS billing they were raping me every month.. the monthly bill was nowhere near what they claimed. So they were charging me for the cable box equipment even after I had already returned it.
- Misc bill for $64.00. I called and Basically Verizon told me they Had no Idea why they were billing me that and worse could not even find the source of that bill.
- Now they are charging me another $41.43 dollars for a phone line I never even had.. and yup it's in collections.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4C30FD

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