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07/21/09 | 3:06AM
Verizon Billing tricks

Verizon uses the fact that you are locked into wireless contracts to fabricate ludicrous charges. They know you won't bail out since it will cost you so much.

Over the year's I've come to find myself the target of a few such billing "fabrications". Here are examples:

1.) Text messaging - I was paying $4/mo for unlimited text messages. There were TWO instances where during a month of heavy text usage, they canceled my unlimited plan without telling me. They then proceed to charge you on a per-message basis. Each of the (several thousand) text messages I sent that month cost me 10 cents. When I called they just acted like it was a random act of god.

2.) "Free" services - I signed up for a data plan on my phone. I explicitly told the store employee that I wanted JUST the data plan, no GPS or other services. She told me the only additional bill I would pay was the $30 for the plan, and that since I was paying for a data plan I would have 5GB of "mobile broadband" usage for free every month. I told her I wouldn't use this but as long as it was free and that I wasn't getting billed for ANYTHING else besides data it wasn't a big deal. Surprise! It's a $30 a month fee. I didn't use it once, and the employee flat out lied to my face.

- Verizon H8er ID: 14EABE

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