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07/29/09 | 15:59PM
Mother in nursing home with Alzheimers, verizon will not disconnect her phone

2 years ago my mother moved out of her apartment and into a nursing home, diagnosed with Alzheimers. Since then I have been trying unsuccessfully to have her phone service canceled. They claim that when she set up direct withdrawel from her checking account she arranged that no one else could cancel this service. They want a power of attorney, which we do not have because as her daughter, my name is on everything, including this checking account. They will not accept a signed letter from my mother, saying if she has Alzheimers, how can she sign. When I ask how she could sign a power of attorney, they tell me to go through the courts to get it. So, as a result, they continue to withdraw payment each month, from a woman living on social security and Medicaid and I cannot get this account disconnected

- Verizon H8er ID: F54112

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07/29/09 | 19:04PM
call the public utilities agency,call the f.c.c. and id call the local tv stations investigative reporter and let them look into it.they love stuff like that. let the media work for you. i would also call my senators and congressmen from your state and complain. the more noise you m ake,the more they want you to shut up.

- Verizon H8er ID: 6BBC92

07/29/09 | 21:52PM
All the things that were just mentioned in the above reply are good and used to work. For some reason, NONE of them are working with verizon. I just went thru it all. The best thing would be to contact your attorney general's office (consumer affairs).

I also used to let verizon take out automatic payments from my account. They would not even let me remove my own. Every time i tried to uncheck the box to allow it, it would not let me and than i would get a letter in the mail thanking me for enrolling. I finally just removed the bank/account information from the site. That stopped them. You will need your mom's user name and password for this next one. If you go online and go into your mother's account, see if you can just remove the place where they are allowed to take the money from. While you are in there you may also be able to remove the check mark allowing them to just take it out. Give it try and even if you are sucessfull with that, contact your attorney general's office about getting back the money from those scumbags.

You can also call Legal Aide. Every state has one and they usually have a hotline where you can get information just over the phone. Good luck. You are dealing with very evil people at verizon. They will take advantage of anyone.

- Verizon H8er ID: 220E2F

07/29/09 | 22:04PM
Sorry, i forgot to mention that when i signed up for that, there was NOTHING about setting it up so no one else could cancel it. I probably am in a different state than you but i have not seen that mentioned on any site, where no one else can cancel it. I think they are lying to you about that. Verizon lies about every thing and any thing they can. Since your mom is on medicaid she is elegible for legal aide. Try every thing and make sure you get your money back. The TV station bit mentioned above is a good one usually but in my state verizon would not even answer to them. I am still dealing with that. They are horrible.

- Verizon H8er ID: 220E2F

07/31/09 | 13:40PM
I'm sorry and can appreciate how difficult it is to deal with Verizon.... but.. if your Parent has a disease which prevents them from making legal decisions; it was YOUR responsibility to apply for power of attorny to handle her affairs. Get off your ass and get down to the courthouse and get it done. This is not the only issue your going to have without it. Verizon' billing will be the least of your issue's in the months/years to come. You will be making more and more of her decisions and will need that silly piece of paper to get it done.

- Verizon H8er ID: 91DDCC

08/28/09 | 16:46PM
With all due respect to " get off my silly ass"
I have no need for a power of attorney, as she owns NOTHING, as stated, and all the medical issues are covered by her medical power of attorney, which I hold: THE ONLY ISSUE NOT RESOLVED IS THE VERIZON PHONE BILL.
Thank all the rest of your for your suggestions.

- Verizon H8er ID: F54112

02/26/19 | 11:54AM


KupriyanEmeri - Verizon H8er ID: 213F8D

05/20/19 | 4:39AM

BrooksJes - Verizon H8er ID: C8B126

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