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08/02/09 | 23:01PM
Verizon is trying to screw me

So yesterday morning i turned my phone on and tried to text some to find that my phone wont make/recive calls or text messages. So i went to verizon and after waiting for an hour to get service they told me it was my problem and i had to get a new phone. so my friend gave me his old phone and i activated and guess what same problem. So i went to verizon today and they told me that they are going to make a trouble ticket and someone will look into it, and it should take 5 days. 5 fucking days without a phone. i told them they better compensate me for not having a phone for those days and they told me theyll give me 33cents a day yeah thats right 33cents a day. then if they cant figure it out i will have to spend my money on a new phone even though its a problem with them not my fault. this is why when my contract ends next month im dropping them. maybe if verizon had better costumer service they wouldnt have so many complaints.

- Verizon H8er ID: 066E95

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