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08/04/09 | 16:05PM
Verizon owes me a moth over-payment for the last 9 Months

I(like many others) have had an ongoing, unresolved customer service issue with Verizon in which they owe me an overpayment on my cell phone since Ocotber of 2008.

I wrote a 4 page typed letter to Verizon Executive Customer Care outlining every call I made, to whom I spoke, what their response was, duration of the call, number of transfers and number of transfers in which I got disconnected and had to start all over from the beginning.

I've since was assigned a person to handle this issue and another 4 months has gone by with no resolve.
I've spoken with Dee Sudurick who for the last 4 months continues to tell me that she's looking into it.

Incredibly horrific customer service. I've been trying to get my over-payment for the past 10 months. Funny, if you're 21 days late on paying your bill, service is disconnected and a re-connect fee is charged.

When my contract is up in October I'm going with an iPhone with at&t.

- Verizon H8er ID: B70F80

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08/15/09 | 20:32PM
I agree, you have no recourse once they have your money.
I don't think anyone should allow access to their
checking account.

- Verizon H8er ID: 178C59

12/29/18 | 22:06PM

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Danielsit - Verizon H8er ID: 38E9C5

01/12/19 | 23:07PM
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