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08/04/09 | 22:20PM
Verizon stolen phone policies (the new advertising campaign)

A few months back, my fiancee's Sprint cell phone was stolen. The thief then lost the phone, an honest person found it, called Sprint, and within 72 hours the phone was returned good as new.

Fast forward to today. I'm mowing the lawn and I find a Verizon cellphone in the yard (the battery and rear cover were gone). I'm thinking I get the chance to pay the good deed forward, so I call Verizon to discuss returning the phone to it's rightful owner.

The representative answered the phone and began asking for my information. Since I'm not a customer, I cut him off, explained finding the phone, and said I just wanted to get it back to it's owner.

The representative said he needed to put me on hold for a moment. After 20-30 seconds, he came back and offered to sign me up as a customer using the phone I just found. They could have cared less about the customer who lost the phone. They didn't even ask for the information on the back of the phone to try to determine if it had been reported stolen.

I've never been a Verizon customer, and after today, I never will be.

- Verizon H8er ID: E50B16

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