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08/20/16 | 7:23AM
At my wits end!

I have been a Verizon customer for two VERY long years. I am at my wit's end with Verizon at this point and literally HAVE to psych myself up to get ready to call customer service to deal with issues!

Let me start at the beginning. 2 years ago we switched to Verizon from AT&T.. biggest mistake ever. The sales rep in the store talked me into trading my PAID FOR S6 for their ridiculously cheap Elypsis tablet( we didn't even really need a tablet) but that's my fault. 1st problem was the billing due date. I requested it be the same as my previous provider due to the way our pay periods fell, and instead of changing the date for us, we kept being told to just call evey month and let them know we would be late on our bill. Really?! The problem with this is, #1 if I got busy, you know, living life, being an adult , working and such, and forgot to call..we would get disconnected! 4 lines of service being disconnected is EXPENSIVE, WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST CHANGE THE DATE?! Problem #2 with this? We kept having a highly fluctuating bill and the answer Verizon kept giving us was, well you pay late every month and it does something to your balance having two bills on one. Now mind you, we paid 13 days late every month on the exact same day, we paid late because we were told we could not change the due date! So moving forward, almost monthly something was going on with my verizom bill and the runaround and different stories i got depending on which rep I got only served to confuse more, to the point where I just kept paying a ridiculous fluctuating bill to not have to deal with customer service. Each time I called, I was told that they could save me money and would change my plan, thus creating another host of fluctuating bills. I would have 18gb of data. Then 12 , then 8 then 18 again, all because each time rhe rep said I was on the wrong plan. Now. Here's where it gets good.

November 2015. We are living in our motorhome waiting for our house. The wifi is spotty, so we sre actually using our data that we had available. When we near the allowance. I would get a text that told.me for $20 I could increase my data. Me, being smart thought yes, let me purchase 2GB of data for 20 instead of paying overage at $30. What Verizon fail to disclose was. I was not purchasing 2GB I was changing my plan. Several times over 6 weeks I "purchased extra GB of data, thinking it would get me through until the month started over. WELL. To my dismay, I received a 1500 bill the following month. Not only did it have 2 bills on it, (because we are ALWAYS 2 wees late) it had hundreds and hundreds of dollars in proration charges! I went into our local Verizon to get an explanation. The manager, who was very nice blatantly said, this is insane, just one of your prorated charges for changing your plan is $200, that's just one. I said wait, i didn't change my plan, I simply purchased extra data! She then called customer service. And they explained no. Each time I did that I was changing my data plan. So here, I thought I was doing one time purchased and my data would reset the next Month, and Verizon was just changing my plan everytume I replied yes, to the question of would you like 2GB of data for $20. I told the rep on the phone this was deceptive, that nowhere in the text did it say, you will be changing your data plan, you may receive additional charges on your bill for the proration of changing in the middle of a billing cycle and this was deceptive by omission. She then proceeds to say. Well actually we saved you money , because if you would have went over in this amount your bill would be way higher. I said ,no BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE SHUT OFF MY DATA until.my next billing cycle. The only reason we used it, was because I bought it! Needless to say, after hours on the phone and dealing with the manager in the store (who was actually trying to help me) I coyld not get them to reverse the charges. So instead they put me on a payment plan, for the next 6 months i would have to add $150 to my $300 bill to pay this off. The store manager was so upset that she suggested I contact our local TV Personality who investigates companies for consumer fraud! For weeks I called and argued about the deceptiveness of tjis and got nowhere because each time I was starting over, because Verizon employs idiots who do not notate accounts! So for 6 months, I struggle to pay my phone bill, which is double my car payment mind you. For 6 month,i call in to try to get someone to knock these charges down to no avail. Finally, May 2016, I've paid it off YAY! I FEEL FREE, because you see, when you go into a payment plan, you can't be late, you HAVE to pay on the bill due date.so remember I paid two weeks late for a year because of how my paycheck fell? Imagine what I had to do to hustle up $450 in the middle of every month when I dodnt even have a paycheck around that time! So..it's May , in free I can go back to paying two weeks late! But then I find out, yes your billing due date can be changed! After a year and a half , what! Ok fine change it! Change it in a way that doesn't affect my bill!

In May, right after I pay the big debt off. I break my phone, two months before upgrade eligible! So all of May I have barely any access to my phone, I can call but it takes like 10 tried, I can text but you have to guess at letters and what people are saying because the screen is so destroyed, I deal with this into the end of may until I get a new phone with screen replacement policy. In June I received what should have been my first normal bill in 2 years time...God help me it was $678 ! $678 after I had JUST GOT DONE PAYING OFF 6 MONYHS OF PAYMENT? NEEDLESS TP SAY, I'm furious, SHAKING in fact and call VERIZON , why is my bill so high. The rep them tells me I used 52GB of data! What!!! Theresa some mistake. I'm gonna kill my son, oh god this is impossible! I'm so careful because of the past experience!! She then tels me it'a my phone, not my son's who streams movies and plays games all day, not my husband who does the sake but mine, who works all day, comes home to coo and clean and has no time or desire to watch movies on my phone.i say this is impossible!! My phone was broke that whole month, I definitely didn't watch movies, she says well since you don't have your phone for us to test and see if that's the problem, your just going to have to pay the bill! What? So because I replace my phone, I am screwes!!she says well maybe your internet was down, I say no! Then my son annd husband would be higher then me! Oh well sorry mam can't help you. Supervisor please and round and round! No help, nobody cared that I don't actually use the data. They just wanted me off the phone. Sorry folks almost done, this idiocy gets better!

A month later. After being laughed out of a store by a ride manager who couldn't explain my ever fluctuating bill.. I again call customer service. I get a nice lady and I warn Herz I'm upset 2 years or crapz incompetence , confusion and inconsistency and I'm ready to explode with all these issues. She says she understands and wants to help. She explains my bill in detail says she doesn't understand why everyone tells me something different each month , she then looks at my overages for the previous month and says WOW. I explain about the phone and how I had just finished paying off a crazy bill over ,6 months and she says , well because the device was messed up I can submit to have that reversed! What? I've talked to SO many people and nobody even mentioned that as a possibility! Thanks Verizon! She then processes it and says. She knows it'a above her limit, so she is kicking it up to her supervisor and will call me in the morning to let me know it's done. I tell her I need her to follow up and follow through with this Because I'm on the verge of blowing afuse, and she assures me she will call and that I will see the credit if I log online. I feel so relieved that I can't believe someone is actually going to do right by me at Verizon! Wouldn't you know, she didn't call. I waited 3 or 4 days, didn't see the credit and called back..ready to cry, the representative told me she could see the pending requests waiting for supervisor approval and the supervisor was on vacation, I would need to check in a few days if I didn't see the credit. I waited over a week, no credit! I called again, now i have a large past due balance even tho my current is paid because I was waiting on this credit. I get a Rep named BRANDON, after 35 minutes, he comes on the line and says he sees NOTHING about a credit, sees no request or notes about a request and even says the previous rep also noted she could not see it! I ask him if g think I'm lying, I could not believe it, the utter incompetence, I couldn't even speak like what do you say to that! He then proceeded to try to fix it by going back and updating my data to a 40gn plan so I would not have the overage! No! I only use 12 GB a data I'd that! You can't fix this by selling me a plan that is not right for me! That is what they always do! I refused and request a supervisor, he dallies and says well I'm trying to help you, I say I am not hanging up untop someone fixes that, how does an entire 2 hoir conversation just not exist, how do the notes disappear?? I am SHAKING at this point, and he then says, I will submit the request, it will take a few days ad then you can call to check if you don't see it!!! What? Si I have to do the same thing again!? No apologies for the lies and deceit?! VERIZON is wrong! I should not have to wait, I should not have to feel like I'm in the wrong! They made a promise, failed to keep it and somehow lost all record of the call! I knew the exact date because I notate everything now.. he had no answers for me except I submitted the Reversal and I will notate the account! I couldn't take anymore, so I ended the call. Here we are 3 days after that call. Amd no credit!! I am AT MY WITS END, there has to be something dome to make them to be held accountable for their irresponsible and unprofessional business practices!it's unethical! I have spent over 13k with Verizon in 2 years! I deserve someone to follow through! VERIZON is the devil and I'm so doe with them, if they don't fix this, in walking away. I would rather pay early termination fees them allow them to literally raise my blood pressure and bring me to tears at their utter incompetence!

REBEKAH - Verizon H8er ID: D18452

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03/06/19 | 0:52AM

StacyRet - Verizon H8er ID: 83FDC3

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