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08/12/09 | 5:29AM
I hate Verizon -- I wish there was another provider in my area

I can't say more than the title.... Verizon SUX AZZ. Over priced, under service, for the past three weeks I have been having problem with my DSL connection... I have made over 3 service calls and they still can't resolve the problem.

- Verizon H8er ID: F852FA

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08/13/09 | 21:04PM
What are you doing about it?

- Verizon H8er ID: 798A43

08/23/12 | 2:07AM
Shit, have they even shown up to your home? Thats better than I have gotten. they were supposed to be at my house on Monday. No show, no call. Tuesday I am told they would be here by 6p.m. No show, no call. I called them and they said they suspended the tech call. Why? No answer. A foreman was supposed to call me about it. No call. I called today and insisted they arrive and not in some magical 8 hour window. They committed to being on site tomorrow between 8-10 a.m. We will see. Sadly, I could resolve this myself because the issue is with line noise. My wife asked them to rewire everything when they installed the service. Did they? Nope! They certified the line anyway. Now I get speeds of around 200k. That was good speed in the year 2000. Today my cell phone is faster on line that that.

Good luck! Maybe we should all file a class action suit against verizon for false claims of speed and violating their own SLA (Service Level Agreement). They committed to my speed being upwards of 7mbit a sec. Not even close.

they will try to tell you that you are too far away from the CO. They will tell you that you have too much line noise. All of which could be true. But, armed with that knowledge, they are breaking the law by telling you that your speeds and service will be better. They suck worse than anything could ever suck. And, I am sick of calling them and getting some shithead in India that is more concerned with getting clean water and a full 12 hours of electricity in their own home. Can't blame them for thinking I am being a little petty when I call. Verizon, you can kiss my ass!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A31C04

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