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08/19/09 | 0:14AM
Verizon Customer Serivice in Oklahoma

So I have been with alltel not quite a year, they told me when i got my phone that there would be no plans if the verizon deal went through. MMan were they wrong. Since the change I have

a. Had horrible customer serivice. I was told if you dont like it dont be a verizon customer. Sure would like to not, cept i gotta pay a bigg ass fee to get off of my plane. Rude People in stores, rude people on the phone, horrible

b. Call service that was suppoused to be so much better, is worse, in fact sometimes i cant even hear conversations without them breaking up, and it was fine before they changed

c.the bill has been higher than they said since the beginning and will not change it and now its not changable since theyve switched

d. now im only allowed to break my phone twice a year, i have problems with breaking my phone while at work, and i pay for insurance but since the switch u are limited to how many phones u can break a year

I hope that verizon goes bankrupt and the owners burn in hell. THis is the worst company ever. Verizarape is a damn fitting name

- Verizon H8er ID: 33934D

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