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08/22/09 | 5:13AM
verizon makes children cry

My daughter's phone won't charge, and we aren't able to upgrade her yet. So, I found her this really cute (and affordable) Palm Centro (used on Craigslist). I have the seller meet me at the Verizon store--I've learned to expect problems when dealing with the greedy shitheads at Verizon--and guess what? My daughter has the phone in hand when the guy behind the counter tells us we HAVE TO BUY A $30 DATA PLAN!!! UGH!! Tears welling up as she begs saying she isn't going to use the data plan, she just wants to use it as a regular old phone! NOPE, no can do. I go home to search the phones available (if you don't want to be verizaraped with a mandatory data plan), and guess what? Clam shell crap! Pure crapola-If that's how verizon is going to get more dollars out of their customers, they're just going to have four less customers to screw over. My daughter cried in her closet for over an hour. Is she spoiled? Not really, it's jsut everytime we try to get something done with verizon it bites us on the butt. Lat time I was told we had unlimited texting it cost me 45 in "overages," i was told I could block out internet access and then told many days later that the first rep was wrong, I was told that sending picture texts was included in unlimited messaging and then I was LATER told oops--it's not-UGH! These people either are liars, don't train their people, or maybe like untrained people because then they don't have to teach them to lie!LOL! I HATE VERIZON..INTENSELY...

- Verizon H8er ID: D8890F

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08/26/09 | 13:53PM
It's not Verizons fault you decided to buy your daughter a smartphone without researching the features/additional costs associated with this device. Verizon is only trying to help you, without a data bundle you would be charged per kilobyte and then you would really be unhappy

- Verizon H8er ID: C475FD

04/19/10 | 13:57PM
The centro never needed data. It came out before that policy. Should have called customer service.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E9A387

03/10/19 | 8:29AM
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eddiezy3 - Verizon H8er ID: AE73A1

04/15/19 | 2:11AM

LloydSoiff - Verizon H8er ID: 398FF6

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