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08/24/09 | 22:46PM
One Bill Bulls&*%

In February, I moved to the one-bill service - Verizon advertises it as oh so convenient-what a crock of S&*# I am so livid with this company!!! It is now almost September, and I have called "customer service", "billing" etc. since February to get my account corrected. We are getting double billed for our internet service, actually getting our "one bill" bill, and then another for fios (not even sure what the hell that is) out of Trenton NJ. Our checks disappear in the the Verizon abyss, and only our online payments ever show up. We have to fight with Verizon, get copies of the cashed checks from our bank and then fax them to billing. It's been a nightmare. I have called them every month for the past 7, and spent at least 1-2 hours of my time every month on the phone with company only to be transfered, transfered again, put on hold and fed another ling of BS "the problem is fixed", to see the same cycle the next month. 7 months people, this is insane!!! I HATE VERIZON!!!! As soon as our contract is up - we are gone!

- Verizon H8er ID: 3B63B9

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08/25/09 | 5:26AM
You will not get any where with the office in Trenton, Please go online to your comsumer affiars/attorney general's office. Verizon is so bad here that they have have a form on their front page for Verizon complains and it can be filled in online. There really is no other way, I live here and have been to every place else. Read my replies about 3-4 posts down from here. You will not win with verizon any other way. They honestly do not care. They will never tell you the truth. I have never met with anyone like them. I have no words left to describe them. They are pure evil. The attorney general's office will get to the bottom of this but it may take time. They have tons of complaints and i know they will win. Forget the board of public utilities, the better busines bureau, the FCC and the tv channels. In this area, they do not work. I can only assume verizon has paid them well to turn their back on the public. Verizon will not even answer to the tv stations. Unless you file with the attorney general, things are not going to get any better. i have been there and still not completely out of the mess but i just filed with the attorney general a month ago. It does take time but there is no other way unless you can afford a full time attorney on your own.


- Verizon H8er ID: 9C8589

03/15/19 | 4:23AM


TerryPhymn - Verizon H8er ID: 886F39

04/22/19 | 1:36AM
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