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08/25/09 | 3:46AM
Medical Offices

Over a dozen phone lines and Verizon still can't help us. Time and money has gone down the tubes with these unorganized tyrants. If you start yelling, they leave you on an infinte loop - if you ask to speak to a manager, "there is noone on duty" - if you call back 5 minutes later and say, "I am recording this conversation and am requesting to speak to a supervisor regarding a fraud", they forward you very quickly.

We have been lied to, received charges for calls we did not make, hung up on repeatedly, transfered to wrong people every single time (including AT&T, who says Verizon does it all the time?!) How does this monopoly exist - can anyone answer this question?
Verizon has caused our internet connection to slow down (according to Covad) because "they own all the copper in NYC and can do what they want"
We have a "Large Business Representitive" that has NEVER retruned our calls or emails and Verizon STILL refuses to assign us anyone new.
PLEASE - Someone explain to me how phone lines go from working to disfunctional once every two weeks! BBB cant do anything-how are we supposed to get this resolved?
I have an employee that needs to spend an additional 5 hours on the phone with Verizon tomorrow because our medical office phone lines are hanging up again - patients, hospitals and doctors call our office to receive a never ending ring cycle - When we pick up the ringing phone- we hear a dial tone and they continue to hear ringing- !!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 46CA78

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