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08/31/09 | 19:39PM
Verizon Subscriptions Should Come With Vaseline

Two years ago I signed up for the whole FIOS package. I never once plugged in a phone, I knew I wouldn't but I thought a fax machine might be nice. The price difference without phone service was negligible so I just agreed to pay the extra. One tiny bit of extra background is there is very little I want to watch on TV. Without a DVR, TV is a waste of time and money (for me).

There was something peculiar about my house and the DVR would not work properly… would not work at all. The screen showing how much room is remaining in the DVR’s hard drive and lists the shows that are recorded is the same screen. One was at the bottom left of the screen and the other was a list that would appear in the middle of the screen and the accounting for each was at odds. The screen would, at the same time, display no space remaining for new recordings (full) and no programming recorded (empty).

Each time I called I would have to wait 45 minutes for someone to answer and then it would be about 45 minutes to an hour and a half with the tech. They would send a flash (or whatever they call it) to reset the box and have me go through the same routine every time; reset the box or unplug the box wait 10 sec (to two minutes depending on the tech) or both. After a few calls, when the tech answered the phone I would state the problem and then begin the routine while I talked him through it attempting to demonstrate that this was not my first time. Seven techs came to the house and five of them replaced the box. That's six boxes all together. he new box would work for that first use only and the next day, the next time I turned on the TV there would be the same problem. Empty and full.

This was a cost to me of hours on the phone and hours waiting around the house for techs to show up. Eventually I tired of all the nonsense and told them I did not want the service anymore. The cable was fine so I kept that. The last tech I spoke with said my entire history was visible to him on his screen(s) and waited on the line with me while he called customer support. After a 15 minute or so wait someone from customer support came on and the tech told the customer support person that I should not have to pay for the service because they were unable to make it work.

I heard agreement on the other end and I thought the nightmare was over... until the creditors began to call. I have had muscle calling me for the last year and a half. They also put a mark on my credit report. Out of principal I do not want to pay and this is damaging only to me. The $200+ I owe this huge monster is nothing to them, a drop in the bucket, but my credit rating is a lot to me.

I recognize my insignificance to them which helps to some degree to know that it is not personal. I am not a person to them. Why should they let a number off the hook for not paying for something never received? Why shouldn't a number’s credit rating take a hit? Why do they still have enough customers that changing their service model is not necessary? Why don’t Verizon’s promotional offers come with a complimentary bottle of Vaseline?

This is my first of two rants about this monster. I don't know how much of my 20,000 characters I have used and since the rest of what I have to complain about has to do with a current issue I'll send another complaint. Read part two "Shame On Me For Not Stocking Up On Vaseline"

- Verizon H8er ID: 90F3EC

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