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08/23/16 | 0:07AM
They Lie, Cheat and Steal, Verizon should go into politics

I'll make this real easy to read in the order things happened.

-Current phone starts to die, charger out, restarts all the time, etc

-check if insurance will cover it, yes they will

-Deductible is 2x as much as stated when purchased 21 months prior (I was lied to)

-Insurance plan was sold as "you will get the most updated version of your phone not a replacement of your old phone" LIE

-I know I have an upgrade I can use so I go into store and wait 45 mins for their customer service to tell me theres no upgrade on account. WTF

-3 hours later they admit "We accidentally removed your upgrade, sorry. We put one on there now!"

-I go to diff store to upgrade and get new phone....Sorry theres an error thats blocking it, call customer service.

-3 hours later, oh you added an account holder last month, you have to wait 60 days after doing that to make any changes to existing lines (Also a Lie)

-Call back later, oh sorry someone told you that its only 1 billing cycle and you have completed that, you are good to get your upgrade.

-Go to verizon store, closer to home, 1 Upgrade please NOPE NOPE NOPE still an error on there for a "pending order"

-2 hours later "Somehow a person with a different last name, over 500 miles away has a pending order from 8 months ago on your account" WTF!!!!!!

-We removed it, should be good now, sorry for the trouble

-Everything should be fine, they have the phone you want at other verizon store 15 miles away

-Drive to other verizon store 15 miles away, we get an hour into the process, 2nd to last screen....guy has handed me the phone and then ERROR CODE AGAIN.

-Have to give back phone....resist strong urges to break everything in their store.

-Rep doesn't seem to understand my investment into this endeavor and tries to joke with me.

-I do not find his comments funny....

-I explain that my boss pays me $XX.XX per hour for my time and their shitty company has cost me 11 hours today over 100 miles driven, 4 hours on the phone, and 4 on chat...

-I asked him politely if he would like me to send verizon a bill for inconveniencing me so greatly? Or he can credit my account?....

Or if I should just buck up and find my favorite shade of lipstick so at least I look good while I'm getting fucked

Life Ruined - Verizon H8er ID: 15E5CA

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