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08/31/09 | 21:14PM
Shame On Me For Not Stocking Up On Vaseline

After one and a half years of rather seamless internet service through FIOS I have once again encountered a nightmare from Verizon. I came home last Thursday and my internet was unavailable with a message on the screen saying I needed to call Verizon Customer Service at (888) 338-9333 (watch for the pattern with the numbers). I called the number on the screen and spent a half an hour with someone who told me that my bill had not been paid.

“Verizon takes the payment automatically from my bank account”

“you must not have had any money in the bank when they attempted to collect”

“I have not, not had money in my account for years, and I have $1,000 overdraft protection just in case. Why wasn’t I notified of this before my service was interrupted?”

“you must have changed your internet address because we would have sent you an email. Is your email address XXXXX@XXXX.com.”


“Then we do have the correct address. I don’t know what happened but your internet service can be turned back on within 4 hours if you pay on the phone but it will cost you $3.50”

They transfer me and I pay. I leave the house and 6 hours later I return to find the same message on my screen. I call tech support this time and I am told that it is interrupted due to non payment and the people I would need to talk to are gone and won’t be back until 8 am the next day. He also says I should call (888) 412-7622.

I call the new number I was told to call the next day and the woman is unable to find my record even though I have given her me confirmation I was given. She eventually finds that it was paid but credited to another, older account. See my earlier post “Verizon subscriptions should come with Vaseline” for the account she is talking about. After 22 minutes I’m told I will be transferred to another department and just in case I am disconnected I should call (888) 338-9333 and that the number I called to reach her was not the right number. She begins the transfer and the call is promptly disconnected.

I call back and after ten or so minutes on hold, Shirell answers, and at this point I figure I better start taking notes and names. The conversation with Shirell is almost exactly like the conversation with the previous woman. She is unable to find my account and unable to find where the money went, even with the confirmation number. After 32 minutes on the phone most of it on hold while Shirell butts in once in a while to let me know she still needs me to hole I am told she cannot find any information and she is going to transfer me to another department which will be sure to take care of me. If I am lost in the transfer I should call back at (888) 412-7622. This is the proper number I should be calling.

Lizette answers the phone this time and the conversation with her is not unlike the previous two conversations but she is much more confident she will be able to help me. Unlike Shirell but just like the first woman she finds that my payment was posted to an old account. Lizette lets me know she will have to transfer me to collections to straighten this out. As she begins to transfer me my phone dies.

I take the opportunity to run to the credit union where the payment would be deducted from. They assure me no attempts to collect the money were made at all in July or August and if I need one they will put together a letter for me to give to the monster.

When I call back I go through the same conversation and after 27 minutes I am told by Greg that he has to transfer me. I Ralph picks up, I go through the same conversation when he transfer me 32 minutes into the call and lets me know that if I am disconnected I should call (888) 338-9333. I am disconnected during the transfer.

I call back, wait on hold for 17 minutes when Michael picks up the phone. We go through the same conversation as the rest of them when he says he needs to transfer me to financial and puts me on hold at about the 22 minute mark. He comes back on every two or three minutes to let me know he is still trying to get a hold of them. At about the 33 minute mark he comes on to let me know they have left for the day and since this is Friday I will have to call back on Monday any time after 8am.

At this point I’ve had it and I ask him to cancel the service. He says I have to talk to customer retention.

“Why? I don’t want to be retented, I want to end this relationship”

“They are the ones you have to talk too. They have to have an opportunity to keep your business.”

“They don’t have any chance of that but fine, transfer me.”

“You’ll have to call back Monday anytime after 8am.”

Monday at 8:05 am I am on the phone. After five minutes of voice prompts a person answers, Monica, and I immediately ask for customer retention. I tell her of my misfortunes and she is sympathetic, agrees with me that my whole story (which includes both stories) are just awful and I should not have to pay. She asks if there is any way they can retain my business. I tell her that if I can receive a letter stating that they made a mistake by tagging my credit (again see the previous post) I will stick with them for now. I also made the point that it would be stupid for them to lose me as a customer at this point. They make $58 a month from me from my internet subscription which costs them nothing to maintain. In four months time they will be even with the money they think they lost by not providing me with service two years ago and then they will get no more payments of $58 in the future. She agrees, puts me on hold and when she comes back she lets me know that Ms. Briggs will call be back within an hour.

Ms. Briggs calls me back 56 minutes later and says hello Pat, this is Ms. Briggs. I don’t know about you but no one responsible for customer should call the customer by their first name and make the customer call them formally by their last name. Ms. Briggs says she cannot see what is going on and after 10 minutes she says she will have to call me back later in the day. So here I am fuming and waiting and writing this to preach to the choir.

I have no resolution but I cannot stand it any longer. I HATE VERIZON. Hasn’t a lawyer seen these blogs yet? Hasn’t a class action suit started yet? Ultimately I blame myself. If someone #(*%&# you once shame on them but if they get a second opportunity and they do it again shame on me for not having Vaseline at the ready.

Someone must kill this beast.

- Verizon H8er ID: 13F576

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09/03/09 | 23:49PM
I agree. Yours is one of the few intelligently written posts amid all the whining and bitching. The only recourse I had after a similar experience with 411 charges I did not make was to let my bill run up then cut them from auto withdrawal before switching. Now when they try to contact me I give them a taste of there own medicine. And believe me, they don't like the taste.

- Verizon H8er ID: B2E395

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