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09/01/09 | 0:10AM
Take notes

One of my biggest mistakes in the past was not taking notes. If you have no notes you have nothing. I am not a litigious person but I am hoping all of us that have been @#%^%! by Verizon can possible get a class action suit together. At this point I think I like lawyers more than Verizon.

You have very little case if you do not have notes. Get the name of the person you speak with each time. Mark the date each time. Mark the length of the call. Mark the content of the Verizon employees conversation.

If your experience is anything like mine you have been transferred to this person and that with promises that this person will take care of you. They tell you things that someone else refutes and the next person tells you "they shouldn't have said that" and then tell you something completely different. If any lawyers are out there, when are you going to round us up... there must be something here.

Even if you think your next call will be your last call, even if it's your first call. Take notes and keep a journal.


- Verizon H8er ID: 057066

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09/01/09 | 1:45AM
Your suggestion for taking notes is great and should be done with every thing. However with verizon it severs no purpose. The names you take down no longer exist the moment you hang up the phone so the time, date, etc don't matter either. They change names faster than you can write. They just disappear and no one in verizon ever heard of them. You are not dealing with a business here. You are dealing with pure evil. I have no idea why they are still out there. They must have paid a lot of BIG people off with BIG money. I have all my notes, names, times, etc and it does no good. None of the people exist any more. No one ever heard of them...lol. They actually tell me I am wrong as there was never any such person. They also told me they only use first names in their record of employees. They do not have a record of last names.....DUH. That is a new one for me. I never heard that before. I wonder how that works when filing with the IRS. So, if they introduce their self as mrs. or mr. so and so there is no way to find them as verizon does not keep last names. I really found that to be original.

As for the one below you complaining about getting all their flyers. It don't matter if you ever used them or not. They send this junk to everyone, hang it on your door, fill your mail books with it and you have to be the one to dispose of it. They should be fined for littering.

For the person below that, with the vasoline, i think we have all been where you are. Your story is just like mine. I also dealt with a Sheryl, (different spelling). The rest of the story is the same. It is the same with everyone. In truth, no one gives their right name. We all the the same story, were all transferred and told to call a number if disconnected (which of course your are). You give your story to one person and than they transfer you to another and then you start all over only to be transferred again and again and again. They are just wearing you out. They never had any intention of helping you and probably never even listened to you. They are counting on you to get so frustated that you will not call back. No matter what you do, how long you hang in there, you are not going to get any place with verizon. The whole countries has to get together and get rid of these bastards. This same problem exist in every state they are in.

Why do these people still exist. How do we stop them. They are protected better than wildlife. Who is protecting them and why. Why can't the public can't answers. Why can't the board of utilities and the FCC no longer touch Verizon. They had to be paid off. There is something seriously wrong when a place like Verizon can force their evil off on everyone and get away with it. People need a phone and internet. The tv is nice but if verizon is the only chose i would do without. But for the other 2 we need them. Where are the powers to be that control this evil. I can not think of any thing else to call verizon. They are not stupid. They know exacetly what they are doing and they need to be removed from every state they are in. i know the attorney general is well aware of what is going on here in NJ and still verizon is running wild. Most people in all states have written to thier senators but again nothing is done. Who is protecting verizon and why. This group is the best we have for now and hopefully as a group we will find a way to stop verizon.

- Verizon H8er ID: A76372

09/03/09 | 23:57PM
I just got back from Afghanistan. After fighting for my country I now fight Verizon. I slash tires, cut wires, and even spit in the face of a employee. I didn't spend 4 years of my life fighting for freedom to came home to this kind of evil.

- Verizon H8er ID: DCEC1B

09/04/09 | 2:33AM
you spit in the face of an employee? that's assault. you need special help. you obviously have PTSD.

- Verizon H8er ID: F64870

09/12/09 | 17:49PM
Verizon could/can drive anyone to this point. They are 100% evil. They push people beyond all limits. It is wrong to assult anyone but Verizon is pushing people to that limit.

- Verizon H8er ID: A76372

09/23/09 | 23:43PM
Spitting in the face of an employee? KOOL!!
If it was a sales person you let 'em off easy, you should have broke their collar bone or something, YOUR SLACKING SOLDIER DROP AND GIVE ME 50!!

Kudos to you soldier, thank you for your service

- Verizon H8er ID: 808111

04/13/19 | 7:41AM
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MonatOnemn - Verizon H8er ID: 48447D

04/23/19 | 2:50AM

StanleySloto - Verizon H8er ID: 9955D6

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