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09/11/09 | 3:00AM

I have never hated a company so much! AND their little noise....now makes me cringe! I signed up for their $99 special (tv (cable), internet and phone. I asked many questions on phone...got the answers I wanted. Was told with all the tvs in my house it would be $119/mo.
THEN IT BEGINS. 1st visit Sept...didnt work. New wires droped. 2nd 3rd then 4th visit!! Not connected until Nov 18th. All visits scheduled from 9a-noon. They never showed up earlier than 3pm. Actual connection date came at 8pm!!!! Were here till after 10pm. Didnt explain how to use anything. Installed a huge box in garage but never told me thered be a huge box. Box ripped paint off the wall. Wires hanging all over the place. Phone used to work in a storm....now will only work as long as battery back up last then I have no phone. New technology....works worse than old technology. Old phone worked even when electric was out....period.

1st bill came and was $250!!!! Next bill was $189 then$159!!! Each time I called they had excuse. Told me the price is set and no way I could have been quoted only $119. If set -- then why has mine been different each month? Each time I call them I am on the phone for 2 hours or more. I asked to speak to Supervisor...was told no. Then told no one on duty. Then told someone would call me with in 3 days....they never did. I want to cancel but will be charged $200 penalty for cancelling contract early. Paying a lot more money and to boot....the features I used to have on my phone...I dont have anymore. Tey dont give a darn....very nasty and patronizing...get transferred from deptartment to department. Never again....leaving as soon as this contract is over in November. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

- Verizon H8er ID: D096AB

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09/12/09 | 17:44PM
PLEASE write to your Attorney General's Office/Consumer Affairs. Every state has one and what happened to you is happening nation wide. The only way to stop Verizon is to make the Attorney General in ever state aware of what Verizon is doing. I had the same experience as you only worse. Unless every state is notified they can't do any thing because they are not aware of it. It is easy to contact them and they can stop Verizon. This company needs to be done away with. Things are not going to get better in your case as long as you are with Verizon. If you still have a copy of your promotional offer, KEEP IT. You may be able to get out of the contact by showing you are paying more than they advertised. It will do no good to talk to a supervisor or the CEO. They are all the same and once you hang up the phone, Verizon no longer "remembers" any thing about the conversation. You can also contact the BBB and your TV stations. The more bad publicity Verizon gets the better for us.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0A79FF

09/13/09 | 9:59AM
If you live in the Boston area you can call one the local TV stations and the consumer affairs reporter will look into it and report the findings on the air. That way everyone watching will know what that lousy company is doing.
Good luck!

- Verizon H8er ID: 3243AE

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