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09/18/09 | 14:23PM
Awful customer service and Installation

I upgraded to FIOS one year ago. They installed it impoperly the first time out and I was without internet service for a week. They refused to come out sooner. My office is in my home and my internet is vital.

The installer talked to me openly about his dislike for the company and the union dispute underway at the time. He drilled a hole in my floor, fully exposed to the room. He could have moved six inches and the hole would have been hidden. There was no structure to impede his choice of dilling locations. The spot he chose was just easiest. He never consulted me. Running wires in from the outside he drilled a hole in my sill plates and never sealed it with insulation. This is New England.

In three specific service calls I averaged 18 minutes in their automated system before I spoke with a customer representative. Then I had to be transferred because the person I spoke with could not handle my issue. One call lasted more than an hour.

Now, my son got hold of my wifes cell phone and did some texting. The bill was $400.00 I spoke with a rep who agreed to split the charges. A major gouging but we needed to take some blame for his actions. The rep did not properly credit our account and one week later two cell phones, home phone and internet were turned off.

When I was able to get to a service representative on my neighbors phone the rep told me that verizon cell and verizon hard lines were two separate companies and the arrangements I made with one company did not apply to the other. According to the rep "It was my fault."

Avoid them at all costs.

Scott Settle

- Verizon H8er ID: 9FFBED

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05/18/19 | 13:19PM
! !)!??

Garrypus - Verizon H8er ID: C9B342

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