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09/20/09 | 16:58PM
worst service out there - i will NEVER renew again!!!!

I have a restaurant and was approached about combining 2 lines of phone service and upgrading my internet to Fios. What a nightmare it has been for 6 months. Some problems:
1- the rep gave me a total package price that was wrong. The rep told me to call him with any problems, but refused to answer his phone or return calls for weeks.
2- They then told me that they couldn't hook up the office line to the package because it was on the second floor. The rep told me originally that it could be done. I had to threaten to cancel if they wouldn't do it, then it was done.
3- They didn't put caller id on the lines. Had to complain to 4 different people and spend hours on the phone.
4- They put voicemail on restaurant line and no one at several numbers called could figure out how to take it off.
5- For 6 months wouldn't deduct bottom of bill credit from bill- still waiting for this to be done. Technician couldn't figure out why it wasn't being taken off.
6- Have spent hours and hours trying to get someone to solve all my problems and keep getting promised that they would call me back - never has happened. They have hung up on me several times and I still get different bills every month. Now they want my cell phone and TV business -KEEP DREAMING. If anyone reads this stay away from this company and warn your friends. They don't care about their customers at all

- Verizon H8er ID: 5BCDC3

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