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09/25/09 | 0:24AM
Severall rip off's from verizon

I sent the following mail to some of the verizon e-mail addresses provided in this site. But bounced back from bunch of them....

Hello Verizon executive,

I didn't get proper response or attention from Verizon telephone service or internet service. I thought it would be better to send to some of the executives to know customer concerns.

Issue #1:
In my Aug 09 Verizon telephone bill, I saw the Service visit charge of $86.64. On July 13th, I called to report the problem that my home phone is not working. Verizon telephone service claims that someone came and checked. I don't have any clue whether they came or not. They didn't even follow-up with me or check with me when they came on site or after they fix the problem.

I pay every month for internal wire maintenance (around $6). This obviously mean Verizon should take care of the issues outside the house. Now Verizon saying that it is from the street pool box to my house and it is customer responsibility.

I called several time to dispute this with Verizon. Whoever listens to this explanation, they agree that Verizon should take care of it. But at the end they say this is how Verizon works.

Is this how you rip off customers and get the profit for your company? I would see it is ugly business and cheating customers.

Issue #2:
My DSL service was down for more than one month. I placed several service calls on July 12, 13, 15, 18, 22, 24, 25 and 30. Every time they come and go. But they were unable to fix it. After several escalations, it seems like they fixed it and it is working fine as of now. In this process, version internet service billing people told me that they provide credit back etc. I also called Verizon complaints line and reported the situation. But there is no sign off getting any promised credit. I am not worried about getting the credit. But if this is how Verizon do the business, then it is ugly and cheating.

I am sure you or Verizon continue get these type complaints from several others. I am sure you are aware of several other benefits for moving away from Verizon to Vonage (or that type services). I don't think Verizon tactics going to help Verizon as a company to survive in this competing world.

I am sure you will understand the pain of staying home and waiting for someone from Verizon to come and fix the internet. We have to wait from 8 AM to 6 PM to see a person and it happen 8 business days out of 20+ business days in a given month for me. I have to take a pay cut to stay home and wait Verizon guy to show up. Isn’t this ridicules service. Isn’t this shows inefficient resource working at Verizon who needs 8 attempts to fix a problem?

Issue #3:
This is continuation of Issue #2. Verizon sent me a new modem to resolve the problem described in issue # 2. That modem didn’t work when the Verizon guy came to my house to fix it. They sent another one again and it is finally working. After 2 weeks time, Verizon left me a voice message stating that I need to return the modem back if I don’t use the Verizon services. I am still using the Verizon service, but September 09 bill shows the charge for $ 99.95 for unreturned equipment. Now I have call Verizon again and start the fight to reverse this charge.

Verizon told me that they will send a return label that I can use and send it back to Verizon. They will reverse this 99.95 in couple of month after they receive the defective modem back to them. I am fine with this process. But I can bet my one month salary that I will calling Verizon after 2 months asking for the reversal again or mailing you after couple of months again.

Issue #4:
I took the new bundled option to include my home phone and internet access. Verizon repeated several times that it will be smooth. I will see only fixed monthly charges going forward. It will automatically include internal wire maintenance.

Bill break is still messy. It doesn’t include internal wire maintenance that I need to pay more every month. Several misleading information led me to take the bundle option. You guys must fix your tactics to get the customers.

Let me know if you need any additional information from me or let me know if you can help me with this.

- Verizon H8er ID: B57C27

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09/26/09 | 14:34PM
Iss.#1 it is Verizon's responsibility from the pole to the house INCLUDING the network interface device(NID)mounted either on the outside or in the basement. Also if you are paying for an inside wire maint. plan you pay NOTHING for the technician visit OR repairs made. So you either do not have the plan OR Verizon made a mistake in the billing so make sure you ARE paying for the IWM (inside wire maint.)plan.

Iss.#2 DSL SUCKS in gerneral unless you are close to the central office(CO). DSL has a limited distance in which it will work with any degree of satisfaction which is only 18,000 ft from the CO, BUT not 18k in a straight line of course. The 18kf is the lenght of the phone cable which will wind it's way through streets until it reaches your street. Also they must remove the additional "bridge tap" or wire which also may continue on beyond the "serving pole" in front of your house and which usually runs down other side streets because this add capacity to the line which electrcally adds distance.

I worked for the company for 21 years until I was laid off.

- Verizon H8er ID: C63226

04/20/19 | 21:01PM
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