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09/26/09 | 14:59PM
Bad Tech Support and Customer Service

We were supposed to start our internet service with Verizon on Sep 09, 2009 but we could not connect to the internet at all. On Sep 10 we called Verizon to set up an appointment so that a technician could fix the problem. They sent a technician on Sep 17 (8 days later!) and he spent about 5 hours in our apartment and he could not fix the problem. He had to call tech support and tech support had to call their own tech support (one level higher as our technician called it) with no luck. They tried the same stuff over and over and over again and finally gave up. Both the technician and tech support were helpless. Somebody at Verizon had to physically move the wires from an almost saturated box to a new one and they were supposed to call us and tell us when this was ready so that we could try to connect again. But we never received that phone call and did not know what to do. The technician just washed his hands with us and Verizon never followed up on our case. I had to call tech support again and explain the whole situation to them again and then try to set up a second appointment. They were apologetic but that really does not change or fix anything, besides that it is obvious that they are trained to do that since everybody at Verizon tech support uses the same words, same order, same logic, and it is basically like talking to a robot. They told us that a technician would arrive on Sep 24, but the next day they called me saying that this was not possible and that they will send one on the 25th and we had to be at home between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm (as they always warn you). We waited at home (obviously skipping one day at work) until 7:00 pm when we got a phone call from the technician "apologizing" for not being there and asking if he could come the next day (Saturday!). What choice did we have? He came the next day about 2 hours later than he originally said and fixed the problem. Ok, so between Sep 09 and Sep 26 we weren't able to use the internet at all. Almost three weeks passed between their "starting service" date and the actual date that we finally had internet. We are new customers to Verizon but if this is how they treat their customers, it is very scary what we can expect in the future.

- Verizon H8er ID: 472886

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09/26/09 | 15:52PM
Your first mistake was to choose verizon for DSL. DSL sucks unless you are close to the central office. Try your cable TV provider for faster internet.

- Verizon H8er ID: 5DE209

09/26/09 | 16:34PM
I am afraid this is just the beginning of your problems. I don't know any case where it got better.

- Verizon H8er ID: FC5A3F

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