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09/30/09 | 18:08PM
3.48 a minute for an international call?

My wife made a number of calls to her home country (Ireland) over the last month. 99 minutes worth. We didn't know we had a plan. But even without a plan - $3.48 a minute? That came to $344. You can imagine what a shock that was. Especially since, checking their claimed rates online, that should've only been around $1.50 or so without a plan. But on the phone they assured me that $3.48 was the correct rate. I informed them that that was comparable to a phone psychic. They tried to sell me on a long distance plan that would get me 300 minutes international for $15/month. (60 times cheaper.) I told them that would not be necessary as I was cancelling. I didn't tell them that I've made it my life goal to destroy them over this - but I think it was implied. I don't think I've ever been as enraged as I am right now.

- Verizon H8er ID: 011DBA

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10/17/09 | 6:40AM
hmm.... You would think that if your going to be calling half way across the world you might want to call your service provider first to find out how much it would cost first. Not asking is pretty much just accepting whatever it is they are going to charge you..... Hey I can see it now this guy is probably locked in his dark basement with papers all over trying to devise a way to DESTORY THE WOR... I mean Verizon.

- Verizon H8er ID: FF0D7F

10/30/09 | 23:10PM
Actually if you check the website, it does show that the basic international rate for Ireland is 3.48. This is the rate without any international calling plan. Every long distance carrier will charge a much larger per minute rate if you don't have a calling plan. I learned that the hard way when I called Europe a few years ago and it was another long distance carrier. I made short calls to check on my children who were on vacation with my in-laws. Thank goodness they were short calls.

- Verizon H8er ID: 15B6E1

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