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10/06/09 | 15:59PM
Verizon is just plain mean

I had verizon for years, more than 10 to be exact. I got real tired of seeing a hike here and a hike there and the final straw was when FIOS came into being. They are dedicating most of their bandwidth to that and leaving the dsl customers with a trickle to work with. So I called Cavalier and switched. I was sent my modem and the date on the box for installation was correct and the day it was in effect I tried to load my Installation CD and kept getting a message that said I didn't qualify for dsl service. So after about 30 minutes of trying every trick I know I decided to call cavalier. it turns out that Verizon didn't throw a switch allowing Cavalier to give me my phone service which would activate my dsl of course. No. hat they did was cut the line from the pole to my house and now I have to wait for cavalier to send someone out to repair it. If ever there was an unfair and downright mean company, it's Verizon. I wouldn't spit in their mouth if they were dying of thirst!

- Verizon H8er ID: F8AF85

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10/17/09 | 6:33AM
Some people are idiots, "I had verizon for years, more than 10 to be exact." ... how is this even close to exact?

- Verizon H8er ID: 186A6E

11/03/09 | 6:28AM
I'm an agent for tech support for Verizon, and I have to say, there is a big difference between the Phone Department and the Internet Service Provider. Two different departments entirely. The ISP side is way more competent than the Phone Service, I'll tell you that for sure.

Now, you say someone had to throw a switch? That's not even how the place is wired. There are no switches, just cables and cards. So, don't listen to other companies on that. They just want to blame Verizon. Just like everyone else.

- Verizon H8er ID: 463CA5

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