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10/15/09 | 1:15AM
A Nightmare called "Verizon"

I just moved to an area in Pasadena that only covers by Verizon DSL and I swear this is the worst experience I have ever had with any company
for all the years I have lived in LA. I thought At&T was bad but Verizon by far exceeds the worst and rudest staff and the most unorganized company in Broadband.
They guy who took my order was very fuzzy and had no clue about what was what, he told me the Modem is Free but never mailed it?. I called back and they said there was no Free modem in my order?. They lied and told me they mail it the next day and no modem was mailed. After 10 phone calls and each time I had to press 10 buttons to get to one person only to get kicked to another moran who wanted to sell me more stuff I didn't order?????????????
The phone line is contracted by outside contractors and they are not Verizon employees, the guy who was suppose to set mine up was raising his voice when I told him I had to call verizon to get another tech person since the line was not set up and no dial tone and then I had to hang up the phone while he was yelling into my ear, this asshole contracts with Verizon and Verizon has no clue about who does the work and how they talk to customers.
After modem arrived the Internet was not working and I called tech support and some one in Asia with a heavy accent was trying to trouble shoot the pc and I could not understand what she was saying half the time and then she transfered to another department which got disconnected??????
this nightmare continued for a week just after I ordered this service and now I am finally up and running but I have decided to disconnect and get cable modem through Time warner, I heard they are a little better and someone actually hooks up the whole Internet, once i get cable I am Done with this Verizon crap, this is the worst company ever and they fool the whole nation with their BS about service?

- Verizon H8er ID: 286F02

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03/22/19 | 10:47AM
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Russellclice - Verizon H8er ID: A48AF3

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