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10/19/09 | 20:16PM
Scammers, Cheaters, and Liars. What more could you ask for?

Ive had several inconveniences caused by the poor staff and poorer yet values of Verizon Wireless.
A few years ago, I went out and my phone was smashed. To bits. Didn't work. The date of this mishap was January the 16th. A day later I cancelled my phone service. My bills were getting too high as a result of the unannounced switch from unlimited texting ($5/mo.) to 100 texts a month for the same price. I paid this off in the Verizon store, in person, and left receipt in hand. A month later (late February), we receive a bill from Verizon stating that I owe a couple hundred dollars in cancellation fees. Outraged, we called the store and the customer service rep ADMITTED that there had be an "accidental" mistake and removed the charges. Two seconds later he informs me of a charge (conveniently, not located anywhere on the bill) for a ton of downloads, overusage, texts, and more. I smiled and asked this rep when all of these mystery purchases were made from my phone, and he replied... "Mid-February". (Weird, I thought, since my phone was rendered lifeless on January 16th).

Just this past year my newest phone (a Samsung Glyde) was broken (crummy phone, I know don't remind me - just another worthless product sold at a high price by Verizon). Luckily, I had paid for a 2 year warranty plus insurance (which came in useful when I realized how prone to breaking this piece of junk was). Anyway, the beginning of summer this year my phone quit charging (it wasn't that the battery wouldnt hold a charge - but the phone itself would not recognize the charger as attached). Completely. Checked the battery, which looked fine sans the white water strip (which had been torn off practically.) Convinced it was the phone's problem and not a battery malfunction, I took the phone to a nearby store. They spent a few minutes examining it and said yeah, we'll replace this for your warranty. They gave me a new phone, and put the old battery back in. It worked like a charm, completely fixed, proving that it was an internal malfunction that should be covered by the warranty. About 5 months later the same exact problem occurred. Took it in to a different store and they denied warranty coverage on the basis of "water damage". This is with the same battery, in the same condition, and it has been replaced before under warranty coverage and the problem has been completely resolved. At this point I'm being asked to pay more for something that should be covered by all the money I shelled out on a warranty, which I should have expected, as said is typical of Verizon.

Anyways, getting very fed up with Verizon's scamming antics and poor customer service, and when I google to find that vast quantities of people feel the same I feel more persuaded to ditch the carrier all together. yay,

- Verizon H8er ID: D822E8

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10/20/09 | 2:26AM
dude -- learn your lesson-- take care of your phones

- Verizon H8er ID: 45CBD8

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