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10/22/09 | 22:04PM
billing issue

Okay, quick version--we had a billing issue with Verizon and every time I reached a solution with them, after hours on the phone, Verizon fouled up the resolution. It has gotten so bad I can not get myself to work on this anymore. It is bad enough having to do the work to resolve the issue, but then when the work is undone every single time, it just becomes impossible!

For the record, before I put down my story below, I have to say that I have really liked their service people, who have all really tried to solve things. In my experience, I can't say the problem has been about them. But the company! It is as if its various parts don't communicate with each other.

A family member discontinued an account with them. Months later, without getting any paperwork re this, we started getting collection notices re a balance due for last month of service. Well, by this time, we couldn't be certain about the last month and whether the money was due, but we decided to pay the amount.

However, within the bill was continuing billing for our internet account. After lots of work, it was figured out that our internet service had been put under someone else's name--a complete stranger.

The service person figured out that we didn't owe that portion, and issued voucher's to our account for those monthly bills. So we sent in payment for part of the bill and listed all the voucher numbers to show that this took care of the balance in full.

"No it doesn't," replied Verizon. Aargh. Then a check from Verizon arrives--for the credit amount, to the fictitious person of our internet account. We can't cash that check. Call to Verizon, speak to very nice service person and eventually their very nice supervisor, who advise us to return check by mail and they will take care of this. Send check back by registered mail.

Still getting collection calls, month or two goes by, a new check arrives to fictitious person! Verizon is being very careful to keep tis records correct, and according to its computer brain a check issued to fictitious person has not been cashed! Aaargh.

This version of events is highly abbreviated re time--the situation has been going on for almost ten months, it took many many phone calls to figure out the fictitious name on the internet account, and many more calls to continue the next steps. And all for nothing! I repeat, not the service people's fault--but somehow all the information they record, the credits, the closing of the fictitious person' account, the resolution--all that information just does not transfer to some other part of the company. Hate them for this--so frustrating re time, so frustrating re energy. Believe me, have plenty to do in my life besides this!

I could never recommend to someone to do business with them, and I take real delight in the new ads of people complaining about Verizon FIOS service, that are being run by a competitor. (We are using Optimum and very happy with them, if that helps anyone!)

And according to the family member, they discontinued their Verizon service in the first place because the billing was such a problem.

I hate to complain and do any harm to those nice service people who worked so hard to help me. And I feel bad for Verizon, but they do have some sort of real problem in how they are set up, and they'd better solve it, from where I sit.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4825F3

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