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10/23/09 | 0:07AM
To bad my BA phone is Run by a DA

well i went to verizon to get my 3rd env touch fixed, i waited an hour to go up there and them tell me i need to come back next week to get an software update, which would be like the third one, and guess what it doesnt help because the phone is a piece of crap. So he does absolutely nothing and tells me if i want anything come back next week. Verizon is an inconsiderate stupid monoply, and we have at&t homephone service and it blows just as bad. There all out to get us were all screwd. I'm gonna start a company in a couple years called anti-v, when ever i get filthy rich i'm gonna buy up both companys and put veriza rape products in all their stores!
Phone Service is Gay, and so are half the fags that work there.

- Verizon H8er ID: 208E67

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