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10/27/09 | 0:41AM
little things

I haven't had a monumental Verizon fail, yet, but in the two months I've had their service they've already showcased a number of objectionable practices.

part 1: getting the internet. I recently moved between cities - at my old place of residence, I had AT&T internet, which 99% of the time worked just fine, and, apart from the endless irritation of scheduling installation appointments with the phone company, did nothing to bother me. Bills came on time in the correct amount and the service, essentially, never went down. But I had to move to another city and, and in attempting to move my AT&T service there, was told that they didn't serve my area. Huh? They tell me I have to get Verizon. I don't really care who my ISP is at this point, so I go online and sign up for Verizon internet at my new address before I move. Cake. They're even going to deliver the free modem about two days after I arrive. And then I'm pleasantly surprised that their "service start date" gets moved up several days from what they told me. sweet!

But then. Then those idiotic "Internet Install" discs practically destroy my computer (what are they putting on there anyway? seriously?) and then the installation process stalls and I have to call Verizon. They manage to get my connection working over the phone! sweet! all is well with the world. But it turns out my internet is running much slower than the speed I purchased, so they're going to send someone out. Ok, no problem. With the first guy, we can't find my building's phone box, so he goes home, I find it, another guy comes out, everything actually works the way it's supposed to. The dispatch people are kind of rude, but whatever. But dude number two, he messes around with my jacks for awhile, then says he has to go work at the main "box" for about 30 min.... 2 hours later he returns, pissed off that I called Verizon to ask where the hell he went. I had been flipping out because I NEED to have internet to do my work at home and it worked before he showed up, but he left it disconnected (like, within the jack) the entire time he was gone. I'm thinking that this dude has gone to lunch or something and just left me with broken internet. I'll also note he was some sort of contract worker - no verizon shirt, van, or anything. Just a toolbelt and some screwdrivers. Who IS this guy anyway? Eventually he claims he's fixed it, but let's be honest, it's not really going much faster than it was.

part 2: The internet service is CONSTANTLY going down. At least a couple times week. As I said, I work from home currently, and working internet is critical.

part 3: They don't send bills. They just randomly charge my credit card. With unexplained service charges, too. HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE?

I'm just frustrated with an apparently cavalier attitude to the services they're supposed to be providing. Sure, everything is "working" for me right now. But one minute service is on, one minute it's off. Who knows when they're going to charge me, or how much. And they send out unreliable service workers with NO identification and NO apparent affiliation with the company. I know that if they decide to screw me over I'll have no real recourse, so I just have to hope for the best.

Oh, and then there's my friend's story: her Verizon service cut out in early September. Guess when it was fixed? OVER three weeks later. Guess why? Because Verizon had ACCIDENTALLY CUT THE CABLE that went to her dwelling. They kept claiming they couldn't schedule people to come out and look at it, and then when they did come, obviously the problem wasn't with HER connection, it was with the main router, or whatever it is they use for their infrastructure.

- Verizon H8er ID: CDE319

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