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11/07/09 | 23:32PM

I'm just recovering from a horrendous month long experience with Comcast. So I look up Comcast Sucks and find I'm in good company. So I check Direct TV sucks, same think, Verizon Sucks, more...here's the deal people.
Their tactics are all the same:
Bait and switch
Customer Service Reps are trained to lie and promise things they can't deliver.
Installer are incompetent.
Service is subpar.
They are all overpriced.

We are being bled to death cents at a time in every transaction with every corporate entity who are now asking the Supremes for "freedom of speech" rights that should only accrue only to human beings, not pieces of legal paper.

You hear that clinking sound behind you? It's the nickels and dimes falling out the holes they've got in our consumer unit overalls.
If we ever rose up, they would crumble like dominoes.

Stand in line and demand the right price when point of sale price doesn't match the cash register. Take the time to go to small claims court, cancel the transaction on your credit card, make a complaint to the FCC, complain to your County Supervisors, District Attorney, or Mayor's office. We can stop this if we stop acting like sheeple.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4CC8F4

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