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11/17/09 | 5:35AM

Hi, I work for the business side of Verizon. Not cell phone, or home phone. Cell phone issues are computer errors and the people you speak to often times cannot do anything but note the account and pass it off. Think of it like railroad tracks that go in circles. Home and business are the same as far as problems go. The thing is that most people do not sign up directly which makes usually all the difference. You see when someone calls you and switches you over to a company they can do somethings mix up an order offer you something incorrect or simply make a small error. So then the error is put in the system and floats in clarification or floats in multiple other areas of the company. Here is a simple fact for you all. It is very rare for a company like verizon, at&t, etc have a outbound calling center. They hire companies throughout the U.S. to call for them. These companies are verizon they cant usually leagally say that but reps do anyways, its common practice. Its about making money if done right no one gets hurt and everyone is happy. Telemarketers are not the enemy so try and be nice. And do yourself a favor and get on the actual do not call list not just the companies list. It really never works though. Your phone number is like a virus. It gets into a list and usually 10 of thousands of lists. Then the lists are sold to companies the companies cut the lists apart and then sell them to more companies. Then these companies sell the lists to marketing companys. The marketing companys get work through a vendor like verizon and then give the lists to call centers. The call centers put the numbers in a dialer that dials your number. If they take it out, the list they get next week might have it in it or maybe your second number or third and the struggle goes on and on. For business and home speak with upper management write letters to your state officals just spend a little time working on these issues. Dont keep calling and calling you make yourself crazy. Keep a cool head and be nice. Document each call, time and what was discussed, if you can record them all. It will usually work out in the end, but trust me people who are flipping out and demanding dont get my full attention and a little note is all that will get done. Good luck

- Verizon H8er ID: 6AF306

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11/18/09 | 10:29AM
I too work at VZ. Rolling out faulty software for customer reps to use is a poor attempt to improve customer services. These snafu's cause " work arounds" to develop and delay service orders. Simplification of everyday assignments is the only way to improve.

- Verizon H8er ID: BB9740

11/26/09 | 16:58PM
I have been a customer for years. I think your post is just a lot of typed words. Stay with me. I think the main purpose of this site is to address Verizon's poor customer service and greed. That's all. Just a place to sound off about those two very real topics. Neither of which were immediately addressed in your blathering.

I'll give you an example (and I understand this addresses the cellular side of the business but stick with me). I am a Blackberry user. I have a Storm that I purchased just a few months ago in
February. I got it for a 2 year contract price of $199.00, buy one get one free. I think this is smart, and fair because you know who your customers are. More often than not, your customers come in two's or more. I just received an email a few days ago inviting me to "Upgrade early for special deals".

Special? Special? Sure you offer a $100 mail in rebate (got forbid you should offer instant savings for your loyal ass rapies), but you're basically telling me that I can get a brand new Storm 2, a device that other than having wi-fi (which doesn't make any sense to have since you can't buy a Blackberry without a data plan) for $279.00. AND THAT'S YOUR 2 YEAR CONTRACT PRICE! So basically I'm receiving an email telling me I can upgrade to a device that's virutally no different than my current one for the very very special deal price of roughly $300.00 out of pocket. And that's the 2 year contract price. Oh and btw, that's PER PHONE. No buy one get one free.

The other very special upgrade deal mentioned in the email was to upgrade to the droid. Again., for the very special price of $300.00 PER PHONE with a 2 year contract. Are you serious? Verizon should be extremely generous with the droid when offering it up next to a Blackberry or other smart phone. Smartphone users are generally very loyal to their devices. Do you seriously expect me to drop my Blackberry for a completely new device for $300.00 bucks? Not happening.

This is the purpose of this site. To vent about things like this. The fact that your company looks its customers in the face, tells them "we're going to need you to empty your pockets" and expects them to be excited about it or think that it's special. Yes special. That was the verbiage used in the email I received.

The problem is that in my work life I've used devices through Sprint and have a friend who had Sprint and I can confirm their signal quality quality sucks. Same with AT&T. And when it comes to T-Mobile... buy cheap, get cheap. But that's not a valid excuse for Verizon's blatant greed.

- Verizon H8er ID: 9CAEA1

12/10/09 | 13:23PM
Not to be rude but i think your missing the obvious reality with these 2 'employees' in that they really dont give a shit. That is how that companyVerizon works - they outsource to mostly out of country call centres - these call centres do everything to get people to work in them since the turn over is really unbelievable. These employess range from people who used to bum change on the street corner to crack heads to retirees who never used a computer in their lives. Don't even get me started on the managment of these places.
You are witnessing the death throes of this company and the sooner the better.

- Verizon H8er ID: F7C17B

03/15/19 | 5:32AM
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