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09/20/16 | 13:48PM
Massively bull***tted

So, I've paid for my own line from this company for 10 years with 250meg of data I think 500 texts and minutes, for 50$ a month. I initially said I don't want any data I've repeated this on calls for years they could care less what I want, and I could care less what they say is required for smartphones, I know they can function without data, and I have not been given a phone upgrade this entire time. I only maintain the phone cause family requires I keep in contact and have been to busy to struggle for hours on the phone to get a reduction in the price for my service. What's worse, after a decade as a loyal customer they don't care at all to provide any more than the base 200$ for 2 year voucher on a new phone. I'm owed a phone worth between 800-1000$, and literally want to beat their managers to death cause they blame the poor answering techs for ME not settling on a 200$ phone and a 4gig 60$/mo plan. Talking to a manager is like talking to a brick wall that actually responds with a condescending tone of voice, EVERY time. They're company is down right evil and will shift blame on the customer who lacks the time to deal with them for their unwillingness to compensate loyal customers what they should receive for years of loyalty.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5E856B

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10/14/16 | 3:00AM
go to Sprint, get the fone you want and no BS. As low as $30 a month if you buy a flip fone no texting.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 53FF52

10/16/16 | 9:29AM
Why are you \"owed\" a phone worth $800-$1000?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A63045

11/28/16 | 22:39PM
10 years of service, not one upgrade and well over a thousand in fees for my phone going over the shoddy data limit I said I never wanted from the beginning that was forced on me. It\'d go over that automatically some months regardless cause the phone would force it\'s own updates over data, they ran me the lowest they could and kicked the bill up an extra 15-30 at least half the months. They had 0 appreciation for the amount I paid for how little I got and only ever expected me to pay even more when I kept asking for no data. The automated updates only stopped cause my Asurion insurance replaced my original phone (not Verizon) 7 years in and they even screwed up and took insurance from a different phone, leaving one phone double insured with no way to make 2 claims at once on one phone. The only reason I haven\'t dealt with a lawyer on all of it was I was never the account holder, this slice of a grandfathered plan got stuck for me to pay so family could stay in contact. As expected of verizon it was their attempt at a 65+$ plan on their books to begin with and was a joke to offer me \'low minimums\' that the phone would often break on its own. I had to figure out quick how to shutoff every background data option on any app that showed on my data usage, etc etc. I just feel conned, and they can\'t even make a real effort to provide more than one voucher out of over 10 years for a SINGLE replacement phone even if I was clearly offering to pay 2 years in full. They offer 200$ vouchers for 2 year contracts, they\'re just completely unwilling to do any favor for loyal customers til you\'ve said firmly shut the phone off, instead of doing so they try and low ball you, and the managers tell off and blame the employees when you don\'t want to pay more. Instead they lost my business to Twigby, still also considering keeping a freedompop on the side.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 124743

03/06/19 | 23:40PM

MatthewViepe - Verizon H8er ID: 906397

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