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11/24/09 | 12:45PM
escalations contacts

Why not go right to the top with your concerns. As you all know verizon outsources to call centres - here are those centres contacts. its a bit outdated but what the hell.....

Escalation Hierarchy Name Center L3 Responsibilty Title Contact Number Email Address
1 Lorne Dean TBay Upward Referral, Ticket Review, BOS L3 Supervisor 807-766-3850 lorne.dean@teleperformance.com
2 Peggy Lentner TBay Shift Manager Shift Manager 807-766-3835 peggy.lentner@teleperformance.com
3 Angela Calaiezzi TBay Site Manager Site Manager 807-766-3801 angela.calaiezzi@teleperformance.com

1 Michael Parrish Odessa Upward Referral, GTAC, Ticket Review L3 Supervisor 432-368-8692 michael_parrish@telvista.com
2 Richard Sheldon, Odessa Shift Manager Shift Manager 432-368-8608 richard_sheldon@telvista.com
3 Jim Dunn Odessa Site Manager Site Manager 432-368-8605 jim_dunn@telvista.com

1 David Shell Palatka GTAC, Upward Referral L3 Supervisor 386-326-5111 david.shell@prcnet.com
2 Willie Robinson Palatka Shift Manager Shift Manager 386-326-5106 Willie.robinson@prcnet.com
2 Rachael Hajosch Palatka Shift Manager Shift Manager 386-326-5108 rachael.hajosch@prcnet.com
3 Karen Wright Palatka Site Manager Site Manager 386-326-5010 karen.wright@prcnet.com
1 Adam Stormer Durant Team Supervisor Supervisor 580-916-4058 adam.stormer@prcnet.com
2 Jay Neal Durant Shift Manager Shift Manager 580-916-4042 william.neal@prcnet.com
3 Patty Benitez Durant Site Director Site Director 580-916-4003 patty.benitez@prcnet.com

- Verizon H8er ID: 066D96

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03/19/19 | 19:42PM
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joyiu3 - Verizon H8er ID: 7C4686

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