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11/25/09 | 1:17AM
Verizon vs. At&t

I had verizon and didn't like it!!! Now I have AT&T and love it : ) !!!! I hate the verizon show AT&T has now coverege! AT&T has great coverege. Verizon is show fulse advertizment on AT&T. I think they need to stop lowing about other phones companys. It's stupid. Hey I'm verizon and I think I'm better than everyone!! How stupied right. I'm not trying to put them down but they to stop talking shit about other companys! The people that advertise verizon need to grow up and stop show fulse coverege about AT&T and just talk about there own. Maybe get people excited about what they are hopeing thier coverege to be in a year!!!! AT&T are not bad phones so stop makeing them look like they are!! Pease, KRosa

- Verizon H8er ID: 9724DF

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11/25/09 | 1:35AM
Holy Shit.......This person can't even spell.

- Verizon H8er ID: FA2D63

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