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11/27/09 | 22:48PM
You're Fired Verizon

We live in a small city in Denton which had been monopolized by verizon for the majority of our time here. Recently - we've had new services come through to break up the monopoly.

We had horrible experience starting with Verizon screwing up our account out of spite because we got VOIP (we dropped our outrageous 60.00 a month phone bill for a free month

Verizon stole money out of my husbands account, the bank found that they did not have the permission to take the money and we won and got it back

Verizon less than a month later refused access to our statements (we had paperless billing because this is a blind household) yet somehow we went from a zero balance to over 500.00 balance in less than a month. Hours of conversations with idiots later a supervisor admits there were multiple mistakes made on our account by verizon but they wouldn't be taking responsibility for it - we had to pay for their accounting errors.

Uh.. No... I told him I want to change services and he said "good luck, I'll be hearing from you in a few days with your payment"

Needless to say - I was on the phone with Charter and had them out the day after thanksgiving installing our new service. The bill for charter is about 70.00 less than the bill for verizon for the same service.

Did I mention I get free phone service?
I called to cancel the service and felt sorry for the woman who asked me why - she was on the phone for quite a while. 3 years of hell unloaded on her from disability discrimination to theft and outright harrassment. I was done - she could have paid me a years salary and I still wouldn't have signed back up with them.

Apparently while you're a customer you cannot engage in legal battles with them. We were not allowed to press charges for the theft. We are now...

- Verizon H8er ID: 5A4277

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