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12/02/09 | 4:08AM
E-bill stop with your service

Unfortunately, I have been a long term customer of Verizon and have been "saving the environment" by having paperless billing and paying via the internet to the tune of at least $100-150/month for about 12 years. I recently had to cancel one of my cell phone accounts early. When I called to cancel the account, I was told there is a fee for early termination fee (which I was fine with) and which I thought I paid at the time of cancellation (which I normally would do). Being a little OCDish, I checked back to that on-line account sometime later and it was "no longer active." So, stupd me assumed everything was all set. Subsequently, 7 months later when I was upgrading my present service, I was told I had an outstanding balance on my old phone, was never received and was subsequently sent out to a collection agency. Incredulous at this, I called Verizon and was told that I had not paid my ETF when I cancelled the service because the customer service person couldn't view it, and that I "had 30 days to view the bill on-line". When I inquired why I never got an e-bill (like I did every other month of my verizon life) or a snail mail bill, I was informed that the e-bill was cancelled with the service, and I didn't get a paper bill because I was a paperless customer and I "had 30 days to view the bill on-line." So, how come the customer service person who canceled my phone for me didn't inform me that I would not get a final bill and that I better check the account within 30 days to confirm payment of balance?? And, the funny thing is, all along, I had another cell phone under the same name and SS# that I never received any calls or texts regarding the other account??? How does that figure. I am now considering, paying the ETF on my current service (in person with a check) and going to AT&T. I am also planning to pursue this legally. All over a $95 bill that I offered to pay (and thought I did) at the time of my service cancellation.

- Verizon H8er ID: BD112A

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01/17/10 | 8:51AM
TO STOP E BILL OF NO.9815900070

- Verizon H8er ID: 54F15C

01/17/10 | 8:57AM
TO STOP E BILL OF NO.9815900070

- Verizon H8er ID: 54F15C

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