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08/03/17 | 9:11AM
Erik Sheehan and Andy Quinn both suck

What two biggest pieces of shit I ever met in my entire life. One must have been giving the other a reach around when they were devising up ways to get rid of people. I was with Verizon 25 years, forced me to retire, best thing that I ever did. Both liars, scum and cocksuckers.
24 years and 9 months never had any issues with second level, these two assholes come along and fuck up everyone's lives. I hope they both rot in hell. I wouldn't even give them the honor of me spitting on them if they were both laying on the ground bleeding to death.... Useless pieces of shit.
happily retired 1st level, north jersey..fuck you both!!!!

Happily Retired 1st level. LP - Verizon H8er ID: 5C00D4

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