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05/18/18 | 17:58PM
Talk about secret hidden FUCK YOU charges!!!

Upgraded my "FLIP PHONE" after 6 years. They said that would be $50.00... Kool, right? My NEXT bill reflected that the "FLIP PHONE" was $200.00. THE SLEAZZY CHICKEN SHIT MUTHER FUCKING GOD DAMN BASTERDS didn't have the "BALLS" to tell me that they would be taking "YET ANOTHER SUPER SECRET SQUIRREL SHIT CHARGE" from me and adding it already to my BULLSHIT BILL that I pay these "RAPE.....RAPE..... RAPE......RAPE.....RAPE.....ARTISTS!!!! 6 months later, I Went down there to "possibly" upgrade to a "NOT SO SMART" phone. The RED BEARDED "DUM FUK" at the counter said that I still owed $140.00 on the flip phone and $300.00 to $400.00 on the "NOT SO SMART" phone. He actually said that it was "NORMAL" for this!!!!!! "NORMAL" for me is to go through life without some DUM ASS RED BEARDED MOMMA'S BOY trying to stick a 14 inch "JOHN HOLMES" up my ass and giving me a ever so slight grin while he is doing it and then acting like he just cured "CANCER" and I ........."IN RETURN" owed that CHEESE DICK MUTHER FUCKER some kind of GOD DAMN favor!!!!! I "LITERALLY" yelled the words "TALK ABOUT RAPE" as I was leaving the counter!!!! Then walked out and found your web page. If North Korea ever does strike.... I hope it hits the Morristown TN Verizon store first!!!


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06/19/18 | 13:17PM
l feel ya man. This country is nothing butt a bunch of lying, thieving, no good motherfuckers. politicians go ro your salon, its obvious its what you do best.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2B3F46

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