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09/04/18 | 2:10AM
Verizon does some sketchy shit.

So I just was told that Verizon stores arenít Actually corporate Verizon there bullshit 3rd party stores, cool so glad they have been fucking me for a commission, fuck you verizon seriously, I went in to use my 2 year upgrade and I get I guess a new ish employee with the ďmanagerĒ I guess giving him some extra help because he was new, whatever i donít care so I tell them that my mom is having trouble affording our family plan of me my sister and my mom, and my phone screen is cracked as fuck on my iPhone6s+ so they say I can leave that day with a new iPhone8+ just for trading in my old phone, and they will help me get the bill lowered, okay so first the kid tells me the phone Iím trading in is worth 180$ in trade in, okay I was like that sounds decent, then I ask them if there new Verizon unlimited plan for 40$ per line would be cheaper than what weíre playing now even with the extra 20$ my new phone would add, because currently we had 3 lines and 12 gigs between us. He said yes it will be , so heís typing away and sheís looking over his shoulder and pointing then she switches seats with him and does some more stuff and blah blah blah so Iím like okay so can u tell me how much cheaper it will be and they said ya hold on so I walk around as they type away and do whatever information they need too with my old phone and what not, so they are ready to get my new phone out and power it up So this is happening and I ask her so if my phone is worth 190$ and the taxes are only about 90$ is the other 100$ taken off the balance I owe on my new phone and she sAys no your phone is worth 80$........? I said um no he told me 190$ and she said oh no itís worth 80$ um okay bitch wtf but I was polite and said um okay cause she told me it would still cover the taxes so I didnít have to pay shit that day, sooo they Finnish and I tell her can u tell me how much cheaper my bill will be and she basically tells me in the most complicated and dodging way that because my mom gets a discount from her job for our plan that what we have now is cheaper because unlimited plans canít get discounts, are you fucking kidding me, my mom is a federal employee, but you have stipulations saying sorry our best deals you canít have ur discount with because then we wouldnít be able to rape you for money, so even though youíve been a trusted customer of ours for over 30 years, you can either keep your shitty expensive plan with a small discount or do the cheaper plan without the discount and pay even more because every fucking chance they get to tack on another charge monthly or a ďone time chargeĒ they do, like they said oh we have a 30$ activation fee for ur first bill, and this charge and this charge but of course they didnít tell me till after I purchased it, so fuck you verizon and fuck the east haven foxon Blvd Verizon store, cause tomorrow Iím gana throw a fucking molative cocktail at the manager as sheís walking in so she can feel what itís liked to get burned. What a disappointment Verizon has been, we need to band together and change our Mobil providers, at least Iíll burn down one of these succubus stores who prey on people.

Fuck you - Verizon H8er ID: 53D147

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